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Hi Dani - Happy Birthday..Congratulations on your new digital camera and printer. I'm sure you'll love working with them. On your Typepad Control Panel have you looked at the two meters that tell you how much bandwith and space you've used? You start out each month having 5 Gig of bandwith each, and 200 Meg of space. You can monitor what you're using in the account section of the control panel. Anyway, enjoy your birthday, ks


Major epiphany. I said I am spatially clueless and I meant it. When I was looking at the 4.84 or whatever, I was thinking man I am close to that 5 gigabytes. Duh, no, that 4.84 is 4.84% of the allowed space. In other words I have TONS of room. I am so glad you pointed that out. I guess I need a pie chart to look at. Okay....


You are welcome! ;)

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