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I am an organic gardener and have to find clever ways to get rid of pests. Try either putting some cigarette buts on top of the soil OR garlic cloves-both have strong ordors and may deter the pests. If not, mix some water and dishsoap together and spritz the flowers with it. It shouldn't hurt the flowers bit make them unappealing to pests. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the ideas Faith. I hate using an insecticide, but that seemed to be all I could come up with when I was googling. I don't smoke, but we have garlic cloves in the house. I will try them. I hope that the flowers come back in my wiped out box. Last year the same thing happened, but the flowers came back. I have read if the pests continue, the plants will stop blooming!


Water and dishsoap has always worked for me or a little laundry soap and water will do it too.



How much soap do you use? Just mix a little with water in a spritzer bottle? I have seen some signs that they have gotten to other containers, but it is only one where they have demolised ALL the buds! I am hoping they will come back and bloom again!


I don't know about using laundry soap-it's pretty harsh. Dish soap is milder. I mix about a tablespoon to about 4C water. You want to dilute it, just enough so it's distasteful to the bugs, that's all.

I bet if you do a search on natural pest control or organic pest control, some good sites would come up.


Been perusing your fascinating blogs, Danielle, and have just discovered the photos of your petunias. I have some of these beautiful plants in an old wheelbarrow. I planted them about 5 years ago, and after the first year of flowering, I let them die off and forgot about them. Lo and behold a few months later, there they all were again, in great profusion! No watering, no feeding! So I have left them in the same place, not even changed the soil, but I do give them a feed now and then of natural fertiliser. They just keep on keepin' on! As for bugs, I don't like any toxic stuff around our garden because of the bird life (check out my blog for some photos of them), so I just put my gardening gloves on and hand pick out the snails and slugs, and squish them somewhere else!


It is amazing how petunias will keep coming back. Mine are just in containers, but this year I used large containers, so I may not empty them out and see if they come back next year. My mom has also had good luck with this. I have a tiny fauw wheelbarrow for plants, and I put in dianthus. I have had bad luck with them--I guess I did something wrong as they have fizzled out!!

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