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My sentiments exactly. My husband is German and that's been one of the hardest things for him to adjust to here -- no places to walk! In Texas it is a necessity to have a car to get anywhere. I love walking (perfect exercise too) and just wish our city was more of a walking city.


You would love Australia, especially Melbourne (the World's Most Livable City - truly!) The CBD is surrounded by acres of parks and gardens. Most suburbs have several parks, and nearly all suburban streets have footpaths and nature strips. I remember when we had an American friend stay with us and she asked what the strips of grass between the footpath and the roads were. When I told her that was the Nature Strip, she looked puzzled, so I guess you don't have them there. We just take it for granted I suppose. Most councils plant trees on the nature strips, so you have this kind of break between the walking path and the roadway.
Not only that, but many of Melbourne's roads have dedicated bicycle lanes, where motorists are not supposed to drive, to keep it safe for the cyclists. There are bike paths in many of the larger parks too, that are connected via roads so people can cycle from the outer suburbs into the CBD if they want to, in complete safety.

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