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I'm reading 'Out' at the moment, but as a fan of Japanese cinema the plot is not as shocking to me as I thought it would be.

I'm a little disappointed in the style of writing. I was expecting that sort of spare, guarded prose that is the hallmark of oriental writers, so I was disappointed to find that it was pretty verbose! Plus, I know it was translated for a mainly American market, but the americanisation of some of the phrases is weird - I thought it would feel more foreign.

I'm about half way through now, but I skipped to the end (dreadful I know!) I wonder how long before this becomes a movie.


I was curious so I read some different reviews of the book. As might be imagined they were all over the spectrum--some were quite favorable and some not, I think one even panned it. One reviewer was critical of some of the scenes which should have been very shocking, but didn't come off that way--he put it down to the translation--culturally and linguistically it was just very hard to do and reflect how it would really be like in Japanese. I have little familiarity with Japanese movies or literature. I think I have only read Banana Yoshimoto, but I can't think of another author I have read in translation. I am sure I have read books by British and American authors with a Japanese setting, but I think that would also be somewhat different. I think you are right it doesn't "sound" very foreign if that makes sense. Despite this I am still finding it to be a page-turner for me. This has already been made into a movie in Japan and yes, they are making an American(?) version of it as well. And not too dreadful to skip to the end--I have set plenty of books down in my day without even giving the ending a chance!


YUK!!!! (to the lines about the body pieces being like lunch box food packs...)


Sorry Gina-didn't mean to be so graphic! The author made reference to this in the book, so I carried over the idea. Kirino does create some shocking imagery!


There were also lots of inconsistencies with the dismemberment descriptions - like that it would only take 3 hours to dismember a body into that many small pieces. Not without a power saw! (Not that I'm in the habit of dismembering bodies or anything ;)

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