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I love this book!!! It's an amazing tale and my worst nightmare all at once. Following along as the Montag character goes from ignorant fireman to a man who understands the beauty and power of the printed word and as he sees that saving that is worth any sacrifice makes this such a powerful read.


I can't believe I have never read this book. It is really good! I am hoping to get it read this weekend, as it is quite short. Have you seen the movie? We have it at my library, so I may check it out as soon as I finish the book!


I have not seen the movie, is there a remake in the works? I think I remember reading or hearing that somewhere.

I went through a Bradbury phase in junior high and when I first read "Fahrenheit" it was as likely to me as "The Martian Chronicles." Rereading it as an adult whose views on the power and necessity of books and my stance against censorship, it seems much more frightening.


Good site

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