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Just don't let her "eat" them. Poinsetta's are very poison'ess.


I know you have to be careful with cats around poinsettias, but both of mine don't seem to be too interested in chewing the leaves than heavens.


whew....I hated to sound condescending...but some people don't know they're poisonous. Besides...I'm not perfect I couldn't even spell poisonous correctly and I'm in college presently! lol Just so the pretty kitty cat is's all good. :-)

PJ and The Boyz

That would make a lovely Christmas card.
Nice to see you in the Carnival of Cats.


Hi Kristy--I was very afraid at first when I brought home poinsettias at Christmas-time, but my kitties seem to only be interested in sitting under them than eating them--LOL! Hi PJ--I have looked at the Carnival of cats a lot in the past, so I decided to give it a try this time around. My niece and I enjoyed looking at all the kitty pics last night!


Hi -I just thought I'd mention that one of my cats -Marty -has eaten several dried leaves from my Poinsetta and is now VERY ill. It took me awhile to figure out what caused the problem initially, and I can trace it back to the plant. I knew these were poisonous to cats and I should have taken the precaution and I didn't. He developed liver problems and pancreatitis after ingesting the plant (fairly regularly -i am afraid) since Christmas. It took awhile, but i truly beleive this is the culprit. Anyway -my advice is non't take any chances.

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