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I have The Regency by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, but I haven't read it, yet. I picked that one because it is my favorite era in English history, but would it make more sense to start at the beginning?


I started Harry Potter over the summer and put it aside. Too many other books to read...


Hi Adrienne--I don't think you need to read these in order at all, unless you plan on reading all of them. To be honest I have to continually refer to the family tree that is printed in the front of the book, and then I still don't always remember who is whose son or daughter! I think you could easily read whichever ones sound interesting and not miss out at all on the whole family saga thing. Besides quite often entire branches of the family seem to be killed off by the plague or something!!
Kathy--I know--too many books keep getting ahead of Harry. Eventually I will finish it!


Three cheers for reading lots of books at the same time. I have to have a nonfiction, a classic, and fluffy book and a poetry book going at the same time. And to that often gets added others. That way no matter what mood I am in I always have something to read :)


Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which to pick up as oftentimes I am really enjoying several. Needless to say I am never bored!

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