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I'm jealous. We've had five minutes worth of snow this year--five puny minutes of wind snow.


Hey - I talked to Mom tonight and she told me you're suppose to get a big snow, so she's off from school tomorrow. Do you get a day off too? If you're getting snow that means it's headed for the East Coast :( - The forecast in the Washington Post this morning said snow is on the way! Go figure it feels like Spring out here, and tomorrow is actually the first day of Spring - blossoms are popping out all over .. so we'll see what happens. What did P. Phil in PA say (the ground critter that forecasts Spring??) Talk soon, hope all is well - ks


How pretty! Hope you got to stay home and catch up on your reading :)


A book, the fire place, a cup of hot cocoa, and a couch. :)


Alas, no snow day for me! :( They did eventually let us go home early, but by then I had worked most of my shift anyway. Go figure.

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