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Adrienne Teague

I have this one waiting for me next to my pillow. Thank you for not giving away the ending, but please tell me this line is in there: My name is Inigo _________. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


Hmm. I think I will have to go back and check. I don't think Inigo says that (at least not in this book)--though I could be wrong. Inigo narrates the story, and we know his father dies in battle, but we are not told the circumstances. I didn't give anything away--I hate it when that happens--as I know I like to be surprised when I am reading a book. I thought this was really good--excellent writing, and a fast read, because the story will pull you right in. It did, me, anyway. I look forward to seeing that you think of it!


lol, Adrienne, that's exactly what I thought when I heard the name of the character!

Danielle guys must think I am an awful dunce....I have to admit that I never saw the Princess Bride, so I didn't catch on that this was a line from it! Must get out more often, eh!?

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