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Great! Wooo I am looking forward to reading this book even more after reading this review!


The moor of Wuthering Heights is indeed in the north of England, Yorkshire to be precise. But just to confuse things Dartmoor is in the South West! Probably the largest areas of moorland in the UK are up in Scotland. Plenty of moors to go round here!

I envy you reading Conan Doyle for the first time. Delicious. If you're interested in Conan Doyle's life then you might like Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. The Arthur of the title is Conan Doyle and I gather that the novel is biographically accurate. Poor old Conan Doyle desparately wanted to be not just the creator of Sherlock Holmes!

Mike B.

I watched a PBS show the other day about the Piltdown Man. The Piltdown Man was supposed to be the missing link between man and our earliest ancestors. It was discovered in Southern England, but turned out to be a hoax, one of the most notorious scientific frauds of the 20th C. Well, many think Arthur Conan Doyle was the man who planted the bones. It's a pretty good story worthy of one of Doyle's own mysteries. And I had never heard of Piltdown Man.


If you like moors, Danielle, you must read Thomas Hardy's "The Return of the Native". Or at least the first chapter, which is a gorgeous description of Exmoor.

I agree, there's something about a moor that always makes a story - especially a mystery - better.


Heather--I hope you like this book as well--it is very atmospheric!
Sandra--thanks for the heads up on "Arthur and George". I saw it when it came out, but didn't think I was sufficiently interested in it to get it from the library. Now, after learning more about Conan Doyle, I will have to check it out. And I am glad that I wasn't completely off on the location of the moors--must brush up a bit on my geography!
Mike--I had not heard of Piltdown Man. Was he meant to be one of those bog men that have been found? Conan Doyle seems to have all sorts of troubles--it was also not believed that he even wrote "Hound...".
Ella--I have several Hardy's on my TBR pile. I am a little reluctant to read him as I keep hearing he is difficult, but I will no doubt get around to him! I love this sort of creepy setting in books when the story is right!

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