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There is a new book by Carr just out called "Wild Flowers" (ISBN 0226307638). It consists of "word pictures" by Carr of the flowers in this area accompanied by paintings by her teacher, Emily Henrietta Woods (great name, eh?). Probably the fastest way to get a copy is through Munro's Books ( ), though it is available through as well. I haven't seen it yet but from what I've heard it sounds wonderful.


Have you read The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland? I highly recommend it. And, I really do need to move up the Maisie Dobbs series higher up on my list! I'm sure I would like it.


And how goes "The Observations" with dear Bessy and Arabella? I don't suppose either of them are strong female characters, but Bessy is a strong voice. :-)

I sat for a little while puzzling out who was my favourite female character...and, well, I found it hard. But if you haven't already you should read something by Guy Gavriel Kay...he writes women quite wonderfully.


It's now several hours later and I'm already the proud owner of the first Maisie Dobbs book. Was walking past a charity shop near my house and there it was, in the window, for a very affordable £1.50. Joy. :-)


Sylvia--sounds like a wonderful book. I love Munro Books--took a peek at the link--what a gorgeous bookstore!!
Iliana--I have The Passion of Artimisia, too! I am looking forward to reading it, as I have also heard good things about it as well.
Victoria--I am trying to finish Kept first! It is an ILL book and I need to get it back, but it is slower reading than The Observations. As soon as I finish the other one I plan on getting back to Bessy and Arabella--I have read enough for my curiosity to be piqued--very odd situation there...I haven't heard of G.G. Kay, but I will look him up! I hope you like Maisie! I was curious and checked out the reviews on Amazon in the UK and they are not over complimentary. She seems to be much more well received over here. Anyway, I sill like Maisie despite the critiques and I am sure I will continue to buy Maisie Dobbs books!

Kate S.

Initially, Emily Carr was actually better known in Canada as a writer than as a painter because of the success of her first book "Klee Wyck," stories that she wrote about her experiences in visiting those Native villages. You might want to give that one a go. Or, if you want more of the inside story of her life, I recommend her autobiography "Growing Pains." There's lots of great information about her painting and her writing on this site:


Definitely, go back and read Clouds of Witness or Strong Poison first and work your way through the books by Dorothy Sayers. They're all wonderful.


We had a long lecture on Carr when I was getting my Art History credits in art school, and I remember her paintings being exquisite. Wish I had paid attention to more of her bio, the events you touched on sound really interesting. I will have to find that book...!


Kate--I had no idea that she also wrote--I will have to look up her books.
Sherry--thanks for the recommendations. I plan on looking for her books at the bookstore next time I'm there!
Ella--It's nice to hear that her works are taught here, though I managed an entire art history degree without seeing her work!!


I read Gaudy Night very recently and it was my first Sayers read.Yes Harriet Vane is one very feisty lady and Peter knows it!

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