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I just finished a number of books in progress and now only have three I am in the middled of. I feel like having only three books going at once is not enough and after reading your list I am itching to start some new ones. Thanks for being such a good book enabler :)

Lazy Cow

Yes, a common dilemma. I decided last week to concentrate on one book at a time, till I finish all the half-started books on by bedside table. So far I've completed 2, and am on my way to finishing the third. Only 2 more after that, and I can then choose something else. (Have you thought about how wierd most people would find these thought processes?!)


Stefanie--my problem is that I am always itching to start a new book. Though at the moment I am in the mood to *finish* a few as well!
Lazy Cow--Kudos to you! I always think this is what I need to do. Sometimes I will try and finishe two or even three books before I will let myself start a new one--the problem is then I end up starting two new ones. I think only other book lovers would understand this whole process!!


I was just about to post my current reads as well but just seeing your current reads makes me want to start more books so I don't feel so behind. I'm only at 4. ha,ha...

Carl V.

Dumas is another classic author who I'd love to get to someday. I really enjoy the most recent film version of the Count of Monte Cristo and am sure it doesn't begin to measure up to the wonder of the actual story. Someday.


Iliana--I admire people who have more self control! :) I admit--I have very little. Just think--you can start another five to catch up to me! Seriously--I would love to see what you are reading now! I am always looking for suggestions!
Carl--I have to admit...I usually like nearly all books and most films...and had I not read The Count of Monte Cristo first, I would probably have loved it. But in this case I did not like the new movie version. They really changed the story, and it made me cringe what they did to it! You will love the book, though!!!


I'm glad I'm not alone in this ailment of reading too many books at once and buying more while there are still books I haven't started yet!

Carl V.

The cover art on that new 3 Musketeers book looks familiar. Any idea who the artist is?

gina c

I must have the new Pevear translation of the Three Musketeers!!! Thanks so much for alerting us to this! I have never read it and have been wanting to, and now I am going to go there. I am also proceeding through War and Peace, at my own pace. Napoleon is on the way to Moscow and Pierre is being, Pierre! I read somewhere that Pevear and Volkhonsky are working on a translation of War and Peace that is due out next year. I like their style and will probably graze over it, not sure if I am ready to go there again just yet! I have been comparing passages of Briggs with the Maude translation of W&P along the way, and its very interesting how different translators give completely different interpretations. It seems that it isnt just a matter of copying into a translation engine and hitting the go button...


I went through a Dumas phase in high school and read a lot of his books. Lately I've been wanting to read them again and just bought The Three Musketeers to start with. Figures there is a new translation out now. Hopefully the translation I got will be just as good.

I remember reading the Count of Monte Cristo and loving it as well. Dumas is such great fun!


I feel like a real oddball that I generally read one book at a time (the big ones like W&P being an exception; I'll read a couple small and light books along the way).

I'm intrigued by the new Dumas translation but will restrain myself till I find a remaindered copy in a couple years. I love me some swashbuckling intrigue. Picked up Dumas' Knight of the Maison-Rouge the other week, also Reverte's Captain Alatriste. Have been meaning to post my own list of acquisitions...


Cam--No, I don't think you have to worry about being the only one...
Carl--Not sure who the illustrator is, but I really like the cover.
Gina--It sounds as though you are ahead of me in W&P. I am just about to start book II. I am looking forward to getting back to Moscow! I think I will break down and buy the new translation, too, of the Three Musketeers.
Heather--Dumas is really fun, isn't he!
Isabella--I wish I could just concentrate on two or three books only, but I have such a hard time not starting things. Generally, though, once I get to a point in a book, I will only read it until I am finished and then go back to the rest of the pile. I have looked at The Knight of the Maison Rouge, but have never bought it--there are always those few books that I go back to in the bookstore--eventually I will get them! And I was just thinking that the second Alatriste book must be coming out in paperback soon. I really liked the first one!

Dorothy W.

I'm glad you are enjoying Robinson Crusoe, in spite of the lion scene!


I bought the Dumas book! It is soo nice!! It is the August Bonus Read at Our Coffee Rings and there is no way I'll finish it but it is such a lovely book.


I feel the same way about the Nunez book -- I am very ambivalent about the characters, and so put it down and have not yet picked it back up. But now, you've intrigued me. Oh, my. I've got Proust Vol 2, Milton Hindus' two Proust studies, and Middle Eastern fiction (of which I started both Beirut Blues and In the Eye of the Sun -- but sticking to the latter and will return to Beirut Blues later.)

I am trying to fix the "half-assed book reading" dilemma by getting far enough into a book that I am drawn into the author's voice and style, and his/her story to want to read on but also not lose the thread if I put it down a day or two. That's been about sixty pages. I FORCE myself to get that far. That usually does the trick. (I won't stick with a book that long if it's not up to snuff.)


Dorothy--It's curious I like some of these adventure tales considering how squeamish I am about some things.
Heather--I have the book in my Amazon trying to decide whether to get it or not....I really want to! Have you started reading it?
LK--I should finish the Nunez tomorrow (I wish I could tonight, but I usually can't stay awake late into the night anymore!). It is really good, but I keep going back and forth over the characters. I am sure Nunez did this on purpose. I am not sure I identify with either. I understand some of the motivations...but then others I am baffled by. And by the way...Proust turns up in this book, too. Actually in the latter half of the book there is a lot about books and other literary things. It made the reading very interesting!

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