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I loved Robinson Crusoe and should really put it on my re-read list.

Dorothy W.

I've heard so many good things about The Sea -- I must give it a try. My current novel, Elizabeth Taylor's A Sleeping Beauty, takes place at the shore, and the sea plays a role in the novel's backstory, although it hasn't become part of the plot -- yet. We'll see.


Jenclair--I was afraid when I started it that the writing would be difficult since it was written in the 1700s, and that the many capitalizations of words would distract me, but once I get into the story it is very readable and entertaining!
Dorothy--I think you would like The Sea! I love his sort of writing (despite some of the difficult words!). I really need to check out Elizabeth Taylor--I keep seeing her books mentioned various places--and especially if it has anything to so with the sea!

Carl V.

Being a huge fan of the book (and since you recently purchased it) I would recommend The Mystery of the Sea by Stoker as it at least fits some of the qualifications of your "perfect book".

I'd be more interested in seeing that movie if it didn't have a tragic ending. Now I like some tragic endings but I prefer my film romances to end unrealistically upbeat!

Carl V.

And what are you talking about??? I can see the ocean from here in Kansas City... ;)


I know what you mean about books about the sea. I once taught a course called Lit and the Sea--there are so many great books with the ocean and the shore acting almost as a character. You might try Ahab's Wife--it's got its flaws, but it does have the sea.


Carl--Okay I will have to pull out the Stoker--you convinced me! :) Maybe that is what put me off somehwat from the movie--the ending. Actually the acting by some of the main characters was just a bit off in my opinion. If you can see the ocean from KC...I am obviously too far north--HA!
Bikprof--I really liked Ahab's Wife--that is one I bought in hardcover. Maybe I should reread it! Or maybe I should read Moby Dick--there is an example of a seafaring tale by an American author (or the Old Man and the Sea, but I have too vivid high school memories from that one!).


Oh, I so understand about "comfort" places. Mine is the American south, past and present. I often turn to books placed in the south, from Faulkner to Anne River Siddons, when I need a comfort book.
Which makes absolutely no sense, as I'm midwestern through and through!


Have you read A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson? I actually have this one (just waiting to be read of course) and it sounds like something you might like. A woman goes to live in Cape Code to reflect on her life, etc. It's a memoir

Carl V.

Could be..or maybe it just wasn't a very good film!

Of course now I'm worried you'll crack into Mystery and hate it...but actually I'm not that worried. It isn't going to change the fact that I love it. It was definitely one of those books that I read at the just the right time for it to make an impact on me.


When I'm searching for that perfect read it pretty much always involves a country house, ill-assorted guests, delightful 1940s English and a murder. I want to be curled up on a sofa with the rain falling down outside, and I want it to be absolutely quiet in the house. It's so rarely like that though -sigh!


Courtney--I am from the midwest, too, but I think everyone has their favorite places which are not at all like where they live. When I worked in a bookstore we had a customer/a lady who loved all things southern! So you are not alone!
Iliana--that book sounds familiar. Has it been out for a while? If it is the one I am thinking of, it is one I used to pick up and think of buying all the time. I need to see if my library has it!
Carl--rarely do I dislike a book! I like nearly everything I read or I can find something about it that I like. So far it is good, though I am not too far into it.
Litlove--I love those sorts of mysteries, too. Rainy afternoons are the best when it comes to reading!

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