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Little Women is one of those go-to books I have on my shelves, definitely. Grapes of Wrath, too, oddly enough -- I think it keeps me from ever feeling too sorry for myself!

Dorothy W.

Yes, I LOVE Little Women and other Alcott novels! I need a copies around so I can turn to them when I need to.


Two words for you: Frederich Bhaer.

That'll keep your returning to Little Women again and again!


LK--I have wanted to read The Grapes of Wrath for a long time now, but sometimes readers seem not to like him, so I keep putting it off. Glad to hear you liked it. I know what you mean by books like that--someone always has it worse...I try to keep that in mind, too!
Dorothy--I know the story generally, but it is nice to actually read the book and get the whole story. Movies are never as good (no matter how close they might come). Alcott is definitely a good author to read in terms of "comfort books"!
Rachel--He is Jo's professor, isn't he? I am looking forward to working my way through this one!


Oh, I have book one from this series in my to read pile. I am going to go dig it out!


I love Little Women!! I first received a copy of the book when I was a young girl and it got me through a hard time. It's a great escape from reality. I'm more than sure than you will enjoy it. Now I have to search for my copy ;)

I definitely agree with you, too -sometimes you need a good book to temporarily escape from life and all its "perks".


Kailana--I really like the Morland books. I broke down and bought the whole set from A Commone Reader when they were in business. I think there are two new ones since then, but I have a ways to go until I need to buy them....:)
Amelia--Yes, sometimes a good escapist book is just what is needed!!


You just reminded of how much I miss A Common Reader. They always had the most interesting and comforting kind of reads. In the past few years, I realize I seek out comfort reads more often. Must be the state of the world and getting older that is leading me to this! :)

Carl V.

Comfort books are wonderful and one should never feel the need to apologize for them...although I often do the same. As if somehow I need to justify books that aren't high literature. Its silly.

I plan on starting Little Women this weekend as well and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't read any Alcott before either. After this one I want to check out the ghost (or scary) short stories she wrote...someone is doing it for the challenge and it was one I hadn't heard of and had to add to my list.


Little Women was probably my favourite book as a child and I've read it dozens of times. :-) I always cast myself as Jo, the independent, feisty type but thoughtful and creative too. Probably I'm more of a Meg...but a girl can dream. It was a book that was certain to me cry (I'm sure you know which bit I mean, but I don't want to 'spoil' anyone) and also laugh. I was thinking I would reread it again when I got around to 'March' by Geraldine Brooks (this years Pulitzer), because that's the narrative of what happened to Mr. March during the Civil War. :-)

I've often looked at the Morland Books, knowing that I'd probably love them...but it seems such a loooong series to commit to!


I am all for comfort reading. Mine often takes the form of mystery stories, but historical fiction can be just fabulous too. Phillipa Gregory is probably my favourite novelist, but I was a sucker for the old Susan Howatch blockbusters too like Penmarric and The Rich Are Different. I barely lasted 10 mins through the film of Little Women because it made me cry so much, but maybe the book would be better.


Grapes of Wrath is one of the most beautiful books ever written - don't listen to those who don't like it! It's really an amazing piece of work, I promise.

I'm putting this series on my tbr list. It sounds right up my alley for some comfort reading!


I heard about the Harrod-Eagles books a couple of years ago when we were living in England, and kept eyeing them in the bookshop, but there are so many books in the series that I hesitated to start. I was also wondering if they would border on cheesy, or overly romantic. Your description makes it sound like I might like them though.

Paris Parfait

Little Women helped inspire me to become a writer! It is my favourite book from childhood and I still re-read it from time to time. Hope you enjoy it!


Iliana--Everyone needs comfort reads in this world I think!
Carl--I also feel I need to justify myself when I read books that might not normally be classified as "literature". But really as long as the writing is good and the story is absorbing, I am very happy to have a jumble of books on the go!
Victoria--I am trying to decide which March sister I like best. It is a hard choice, really. I thought it wouls be Jo hands down, but I am finding them all appealing. The Morland series is very fast reading, but 25+ books in the series is sort of daunting (especially when thinking about buying them!).
Litlove--I also love mysteries--usually I end up with some sort of historical or British mystery. I really need to read P. Gregory. I keep looking at her books, and I think I have a couple here at home, too. I remember the movie being a tear jerker. I am trying to keep the movie out of my head and work on my own visual image!
Courtney--I will have to move Steinbeck up the pile now! I hope you like the Morlands if you try them!!
Tanabata--I would classify this series as more historical than anything else. They might have a love story within the novels, but that seems less the point of them than everything else that is happening to the family. I personally don't find them cheesy--but I think I know what you mean by some mass market type novels. Maybe you can find a used copy to try it out.
Paris Parfait--I love your blog! Please keep posting such lovely photos (the next best thing to being there!!). I am really enjoying Little Women. How did I make it this far in life without having read it?? I will make sure I give my niece a copy!!

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