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Am a big fan of Ehrenreich myself (her edited - lots of other authors in there too - GLOBAL WOMAN was excellent.

Serendipity again, I have just taken BLUE FLOWER out of the library. On the UK Observer's list of the best books from the last 25 years, Fitzgerald was several times nominated so I felt I should catch up on what all the fuss is about. I look forward to hearing what you think.


I just created a bookmooch account about two weeks ago and already I have mailed out five books and have three on the way. It is very cool.

Dorothy W.

I just mooched Blue Flower too! I guess there were a couple copies floating around the site. My mooch ratio isn't perfect -- I've mooched more than I've given, but it's really so easy to accumulate points, what else can I do?


Equiano--I have not heard of Global Woman--must check it out. I have one of her other books on my pile, which I really need to read soon. I have been aware of P. Fitzgerald's work, but I have never picked up any of her books--this one sounds good, as does Offshore!
Stephanie--Bookmooch is pretty addictive! And to think I weeded out my books in the summer and gave bags of them away to the Salvation Army!!


Dorothy--I feel better now that I have a "track record" and others can see I actually do mail out my books. I had only sent three, so I was feeling pretty guilty. I think I will always have more that I have mooched than I have sent, but when you mail internationally you get those extra points. You might as well use them!


book thief is great. longitude is great.


Longitude is one of those books that I talk about all the time. I've been disappointed with Sobel's other books -- not because they aren't good, just that they aren't as good as Longitude. I liked Ehrenrich's Worst Years too. I really need to look into BookMooch. I signed up a while ago but then never added anything to be mooched. I think that is somehow linked to LibraryThing now, so the difficult thing should only be deciding what to give away. Maybe when my life settles a little & I think I can actually make it to the post office to ship something, I'll get started on BookMooch.


God, I really didn't like The Memory-Keepers Daughter. I am glad that some people did, though. I was not one of them, and, actually, I lent it to my friend and she got to page 100 and something and gave it back....


Longitude was made into a mini-series broadcast here in the UK several years ago. I'm sure it's probably available on DVD if you hunt it out. If I remember correctly Jeremy Irons was in it.


Rachel--I read a great review for Book Thief, so I am going to have to find a copy! Longitude is high up in my stack!
Cam--I have yet to read any of Sobel's books, but they all look interesting. It must be hard for an author to top a first book (was that her first?) when it was so popular and well received. I am looking forward to reading Ehrenreich, too! Bookmooch is fun if you have the time and don't mind mailing out books!!
Kailana--some books are just like that! I have read books that others just loved and I though, meh--not for me. Sometimes it is timing or subject matter. In any case I am hoping to mooch a copy or find a used copy.
Kimbofo--thanks for the heads up. I will see if Netflix has it and add it to my queue--that would be interesting I think!

Ex Libris

Danielle, after tonight's book group discussion, I will be finished with my copy of The Memory Keeper's Daughter. E-mail me your address and I will be more than happy to send it to you.

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