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Dorothy W.

Best of luck with your reading plans! That sounds like a fun list of books to be finishing up. And I'm glad you are enjoying the Gilbert book.


For some reason I thought that you had already read Eat, Pray, Love. I like books that make me want to go to Italy. I took a year of Italian when I was in University. But I suck at languages and I really don't remember any of it although I does occasionally rear it's head in restaurants. There are not enough hours in a week. I need more hours so I can take French and Italian classes.

I think that's an excellent challenge. And um...people actually finish challenges??? I guess that's something I ought to work on eh? Great at starting...not so great at finishing.


Dorothy--It would be nice to actually see other books on my sidebar someday! I feel like I look at the same books all the time! And I won't even think about the shelf of books that got set aside partway through--I'll save those for another challenge some other day!
Sassy--I am good at saying I will do things, too. I will start them all gung ho, but then I get easily distracted! I had the Gilbert book checked out before and no doubt mentioned it here, but never finished it. This time I will! I took a night class through my community college one semester (ages ago) of Italian, too. I remember practically nothing of it. I can speak spanish so-so, and since they are close languages I always think if I applied myself I could learn it. Yes, more hours in the day are certainly needed!


Seeing as you are part-way through each of those books, I reckon you could do it, Danielle. I agree that the library books may throw a spanner in the works! I've never heard of the Elizabeth Gilbert book but it sounds very good (you always tempt me so!!) so I shall be looking out for it now.


having just returned from Italy, I am incredibly eager to read anything and everything about it. After several sun-drenched days in Rome and Florence, I am now staring out at an endless gray sky and pouring rain and nearing depression. By the way, I spoke no Italian before I went, but with my Spanish and French background we managed very nicely, and I expect you would as well.

Carl V.

I wish you the very best in your goal!!! I assume that since you are saying you want to 'finish' them that you've at least 'started' them which would make the goal a little more attainable! Its hard to believe that there are that few weeks left in the year!

les in ne

I've had Eat, Pray, Love on my Amazon wishlist ever since I first heard about it. Your comments have helped me decide to get it ASAP. I love it when an author writes in a conversational tone, making me wish I knew her as a friend. Thanks for the nice review. Of course, now I'll really want to go to Italy!!


Litlove--Some of them are already halfway read and just need more attention.
Courtney--Lucky you!! You have to share your traveling experiences!!!
Carl--This year has flown by--it is scary how fast it has gone! I don't think I would even attempt reading all the books if I hadn't already started them! I am hoping I can finish them as I am feeling guilty seeing them languish there.
Les--I hope you will like the book. It is nice, entertaining reading. I have a feeling I am going to want to go to India and Indonesia as well by the time I finish the book!


OK, we're on! If you finish this list by the end of the year, you get your choice from my TBR pile. Which I will post at some point soon...


I should have said the list will be posted. Not the TBR books, obviously. Duh.


LK--Perhaps this will help me stay motivated! :) I really do want to finish all these I the only person who has so many books started at once?? Now, should I read one at a time until I make my way through them, or juggle two or three...which is what I am doing at the moment. The hardest part will be not wanting to start a new book after I finish each one!


Danielle, I start and stop reading books all the time. But I'm a true lightweight when it comes to concentration. I have been very frustrated because there's nothing that sucks the fun out of a novel like dropping and picking it up again and again as if it was a bad knitting project. My committment to Proust actually has helped me stay focused. So, now, I have a huge TBR pile and about 3 or 4 books going at one time that I read through. 'Bout all I can manage.

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