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Ooooh! I LOVE Penny Vicenzi - I am right now almost done the second in the trilogy. So if the Bradford is any good or similar, pls let us know!


Babelbabe--Isn't Penny Vincenzi totally entertaining? I haven't tried any of her other books as I am afraid I won't like the stories as much. I will let everyone know about the BTB book! If it is really absorbing I am thinking I can read it over the Thanksgiving holidays if not before!

Les in NE

Hmm, I wonder how many other bloggers received the same email (should we compare the contents?!). My copy is winging its way as I type. I've never read one of her books, either.


Les--I suspected it was a form letter, and someone had the job of going through blogs and contacting people. Still, if the book is good, I guess I can't complain.


I was just checking in to say that I got one! I haven't responded; I'm snowed under as it is and I suspect that I wouldn't like it but I will be looking forward to your opinion. Prove me wrong, Danielle!

Dorothy W.

I haven't answered one of those emails yet because I haven't been interested in the books, but I probably would accept a free copy if I thought I'd really want to read it. Not that I get that many offers.


I received one and emailed back accepting. Never received an email back confirming, however. Still getting a free book is always fine with me. This is only the second such offer I've gotten, but I could stand a few more. Hope Bradford follows through.


I got that email too -- and I wrote back saying I didn't believe it was BTB!! I got a very nice reply to say it was indeed BTB and that she personally replies to emails and messages on her forum (she has her own website).


Diana--I sort of like sweeping family sagas. Not having read her yet I am not entirely sure what to expect, but I'll let you know!
Dorothy--I rarely get offers, too. The few I have accepted have been pretty good, but I only take the ones that sound appealing so there's a good chance I will like them.
Janclair--I didn't get a responding email either, but I think the book will come. I think some bookbloggers get tons of freebie books, but I am not sure how they manage that! Maybe you need to put the word out on your blog?
Kimbofo-Wow. I am surprised! I is preferable that an author does send out her own emails if they are signed by her, but I thought she must be way too busy to bother with something like this. Who knows, maby she went through someone's blogroll and looked to see how might want to read the book. I guess this shows you the power of bookbloggers these days, when authors actually consider the "common reader" when getting the word out on their book!


I got one of those emails too and said yes please! I thought it sounded like a fun read for the busy holiday season when there are distractions aplenty. It will be fun to see what everyone thinks about the book.


I got that email too. I haven't replied yet but I'm going to have to turn it down because I'm so. bogged. under. right now. It's always disappointing to have to turn down a book but I don't feel it's fair when I may not read it for months.


Where's my email? I do like Penny Vincenzi (and a friend of my mother-in-law's went to school with PV and is in touch with her still - very starry). Never read a Barbara Taylor Bradford.


Stefanie--I thought it sounded like fun too--a nice easy read and a little escapism.
Sassy--I reality I know I need to stick with my current reads pile, but since that is a self imposed sort of thing I figured I can cheat on myself and read the BTB, too.
Litlove--Isn't she British? You should have gotten an email, too! :) Just think you sort of kind of know PV! Maybe I will have to check out some of her other books sometime.

Lazy Cow

That is what I love about reading your blog: your love of reading and your enthusiasm for all kinds of books and genres.
A friend-of-a-friend once interviewed Barbara Taylor Bradford at her Park Ave apartment and said she was lovely (totally out of touch with the 'common' person, but lovely). I'd be interested to know what you think of this book. I remember reading A woman of substance as a teenager and devouring it.

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