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Dorothy W.

Oh, you really make me want to read the Gilbert book! And you are in for a treat with Austen's novel Emma -- it's wonderful.


You will love Emma and Brave New World.

And I know these aren't starred, but you should try Philip Pullman's Northern Lights (The Golden Compass here in North America) and The Picture of Dorian Gray. They are both quite well written and enjoyable.


Dorothy--I want to read/reread all of Auten's novels next year (if not sooner to start at least!). I really think you will like the Gilbert book. I can relate to so many things she says or feels!
Courtney--I checked out the first Pullman book from my library but didn't get it read and had to return it. I would like the read all of them...I think there are three? That Wilde book has dogged me ever since high school when I was told not to read it and choose another book. I think I need to read it to purge it from my system!! I should have read it when the Slaves of Golconda read it earlier in the year, but I missed that particular read. But I do have a copy on my pile!!


I just left Italy today as well (o.k. at least in the book)I didn't want to leave!...and now I'm in India which is not my favorite place to be...we'll see!!I just love her "voice"!


I think I may do this list later today! (I got an email from that author but it was dumped into my junkmail and got deleted. :( Oh well.)


Wow! I did really badly on that list. It makes me realise I do need to read more classics, although I always get tempted by the modern ones and can't get excited about anything before the 19th century. Even so, that would still leave me with an enormous number to read!


Pam--I really have not read much about India, but it seems very exotic to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what she writes about.
Heather--I will look for your list. I always wonder what regular mail ends up in the junk bin, which goes straight into the garbage!
Litlove--I haven't read much at all before the 19th century either. There are just too many books out there, and I read too much contemporary stuff which will likely be consigned to the out of print category in a hundred years. Oh well, as long as I enjoyed the book...

Les in NE

I got my ARC of Barbara Taylor Bradford's latest today, too. I don't know why I was so surprised to hear how many other on my blogroll got the same email and offer. Now I won't feel quite so badly if I don't get it read quickly enough. I think her PR dept. has all the bases covered on this one. ;)

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