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I love that Meyer cover!

I put a dvd in the mail to Netflix last Wednesday and they have yet to receive it. I have no idea how many "lost in the mails" they'll tolerate before they stop sending me things, but I think I'll send them out from the post office instead of the mailbox until we get a different mail carrier.

I HATE when the library claims I still have something out because someone's failed to check it in properly.


I think you are going to like the O'Brian novel, there are echoes of the Aubrey-Maturin series ( and characters in it ) New Moon is delicious fun. As is the Dumas.

I never read anything that has the Da Vinci Code strapped to it. That book was so horrifically awful, I cannot fathom why good authors must have it tagged to their original work.

It would be a caveat for me. Though the Austen line looks fun!

Dorothy W.

Well, the fun of plans is in not following them! It feels a bit rebellious. I say if you don't keep to your reading plan, that's fine!


I read And Only to Deceive back in May. It read fast and was fun!


Susan--Isn't that cover great. It looks like blood appropriate for a vampire book! I am lucky as so far I have not had any problems with netflix--which surprises me. Do you have a return center in town? I drop mine in a mailbox on Monday morning, and they have them by Tuesday and usually I have my new movies by Wednesday. Pretty slick, really! This is not the first time I have had problems with the public library not checking in books I have returned. I am glad I found one of the missing items. Heaven knows where the DVD went off to.
Rachel--I swear you are the best read person I know! Usually people will have read one sort of book or another that I mention, but you always have read so many right across the board!! I started the Meyer book--though I am not going to drag it around with me right away. I am actually making progress on the few I have been reading! I can't decide whether to read the Forester books straight through and then start the O'Brian books, or to intersperse them. As for the Da Vinci Code--I read it and found it entertaining, but it isn't one that I will ever reread. I think publishers compare other books to it way too much sometimes!!
Jenclair--I had not heard of this book until I saw the paperback on the shelf in the msytery section. It looks like fun, and I think it will be next up after I finish the Sayers mystery!


Dorothy--I want to do my best on keeping to my plan....but... I already have three books I plan on reading before the end of the year, too! As much as I love setting little challenges for myself I feel too restricted if I don't allow myself some wiggle room!!!


What a wonderful selection of new books - I wouldn't blame you one tiny bit for not being able to resist them. I am SO interested as to what you will think of the Wolfe. It's very powerful, I find - a really strong tasting book and it certainly leaves an impression! I've heard of the Dumas before and am very tempted ot get hold of it now. You have my every sympathy for the library situation - it's like the bibliophile's version of original sin - you are always guilty of hanging on to those items until proved innocent!


What an interesting basket of books! I must confess to never having heard of Meyer before, so will have to take a look as you've whetted my appetite. I never made it past chapter 3 of the Da Vinci Code (bored) so any book with an advertising blurb likening them would probably be passed over by me. Having said that the Alexander has an intriguing plot - look forward to hearing how you get on with it.


Love the cover for New Moon, very striking. And it's a vampire book you say? Must tell my husband who loves vampire books.


The nearest Netflix return center is in Greensboro--90 minutes drive away--but I have the exact same turn around as you, Danielle. If I go back to my earlier practice of mailing the dvds from the post office instead of from our mailbox out at the street, I'm hoping I'll drastically cut the risk of any more being lost.


The Da Vinci Code and Jane Austen!

Sounds like an intriging mix to say the least. I'm adding it to my TBR List.

Stephanie Meyer is new to me too, but her name keeps coming up in book circles. Gives me something to investigate.

Good luck with your pile!

Carl V.

There is never a shortage of distractions when it comes to finding new books to read. That Dumas book looks/sounds fantastic.


Thanks for the heads up. And Only to Deceive sounds great! I'll have to add it to my list.

Lisa Guidarini

I have to ask this, as my daughter loves Meyer's books... Is there any sex in them?! I know, I know, I should have considered reading the actual books, but she blew through them so quickly I didn't even get a chance. I'm not one to censor, save for extreme violence and I don't think my kids want to read that, anyway, but I have to wonder if she was exposed to sexual situations in the two books, and whether I should know about it... And she won't be in trouble for it if there was sex! It's really more violence I'm worried about, or really kinky, abusive sex. Inquiring minds would like to know (I think!).


Lisa--I know I said this verged on the erotic, but that's more because of what doesn't happen than what does--if that makes sense? I have only read the first one, but no, there is not any explicit sex in it at all actually. It is the sort of book I can imagine an adolescent would love for the romance of it. It's more the idea of what you want, but you can't have and then there is this vampire who is beautiful and perfect and...well, does that sound weird? I would say the author definitely writes with a teenager in mind and you are safe in letting your daughter read them and not get more of an education than you planned on!!

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