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Lazy Cow

I've just started reading The Observations and I'm hooked already. My mantra these days is "must read faster" too :-)


Do the books you're reading in the parallel universe count as being read here? That would be so wonderful. I'm sure that in a parallel universe I've read all the books on my bookshelves, at the very least.


63 reading days left?! Yikes. Anyway, sounds like you are making great progress. By the way, I've had my eye on the Tasha Alexander book too.


Lazy Cow--I am nearly finished with it--and it keeps getting better as you go! I wish I could spend the rest of the day reading, but I doubt I will get enough time today to finish it!
JMFausti--Yes, I definitely would count the books read in the parallel universe, and I would also have built in shelves and a lovely library at home!
Iliana-I'm not sure I will get them all read, but I hope to make a serious dent in them. I already have the Alexander book sitting on my "parallel universe" pile--in other words, I plan on starting them as soon as I can!

Dorothy W.

You make me laugh, Danielle! In a good way :) Yay for the positive thinking -- although your "old" book-reading habits seem just fine to me.


Eeep! I'm glad you mentioned Indiana is due Sunday. I was thinking it was due Tuesday!

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