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I admire the fact that you can juggle so many books at once. I used to be like that but now I tend to stick to just one book at a time. I think this is something to do with old age!! ;)


I have too many books started even for me! I would like to whittle the stack down to about six--and even that sort of sounds like a lot! I like having more than one started as then I always have something that sounds good to read, but this is way too much and some have been languishing for far too long on the pile!!

Dorothy W.

I'm enjoying Indiana too -- also finding it very readable -- and I think you'll see pretty soon that the part about Noun does have its place. Best of luck with the reading goal!


Just to give you a thought about Noun, Sand often 'twins' her characters, with each twin representing the opposite of the other, one good, one bad, one strong, one weak, and so on. Indiana and Noun are a classic set of Sandian twins, and as such, Noun lives out a destiny that is a reverse image of Indiana's. A big question overall in this novek is: how can a woman reconcile love in her life with freedom? Is such a thing possible? And Noun, being a servant to start off with, doesn't have much hope.... Ok, end of lecture!!


This sounds all too familiar (but in a nice way!).

By the way, since you are still appreciating all things ship-related - have you heard of the VASA? A seventeenth century wooden ship surviving intact, now in a museum in Sweden. We saw it in Stockholm a few years ago and (despite not being particularly interested in maritime matters) I was blown away. It is truly extraordinary. Take a look at


If you get that stack read by the end of the year, let me know and I will personally mail you your choice from MY TBR pile!


Dorothy and Litlove--I see what you mean about Noun! Litlove--These are the sorts of things I find useful, so please feel free to lecture away!
Equiano--thanks for the link! I had not heard of this museum. I am not sure where my sudden interest has come from, but I am finding that this subject has quite captured my imagination. A few years ago I was in San Diego and was on a wooden ship like this. It was the sort to transport people and it didn't look at all comfortable!!
LK--I may just set this as a personal challenge!

Carl V.

Substituting is no problem with the challenge, I'm excited that you finished 5! Way to go!


Carl--I certainly did better than my attempted Summer Reading Challenge! This was fun and I enjoyed all the books I read. I am glad you suggested it as it urged me to pick up books that otherwise would still be sitting on the TBR pile!

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