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Dorothy W.

I liked Master and Commander, and some day may read more of O'Brian -- the Hobgoblin is rather obsessed with them. I'm sure he's got some good suggestions for you ...

Sherry Early

Tales of the sea:

Mutiny on the Bounty by Nordhoff and Hall
Dove by Robin Graham
Gulliver's Travels by Swift

I'm reading Moby Dick right now, but I just started and can't say whether or not I recommend it.


Dorothy--I got a copy of the O'Brien through Bookmooch! ;) I always like it when the Hobgoblin gives recommendations--I like the period of literature that he teaches (though I am under-read in it!). Between the two of you, you guys cover a lot of literary ground!
Sherry--I didn't even think of Moby Dick. I really do want to read it someday! Thanks for the other suggestions--the first two are new to me. I read the Swift in high school, but I am sure I would appreciate it much more now!


It's a bit of a comfort read, Danielle, but I really like Jojo Moyes and her most recent novel in paperback is called 'Ship of Brides' and is set in 1946 on an ocean liner packed full of post-war navy brides heading from Australia to the UK. After that all the sailing books of Jonathan Rabin are supposed to be very good (I haven't read them but my husband has).


For total ship insanity you must read BATAVIA'S GRAVEYARD by Mike Dash which is - unbelievably - true.


I have no idea if these books are available elsewhere or not but an Aussie author by the name of Peter Smalley has two books out - HMS Reliant and Port Royal, that look pretty good!


All of O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels are amazingly good. He also has two non-A-M seafaring novels written before he started the series: The Golden Ocean and The Unknown Shore. Both are spectacular novels. O'Brian shows such a love of language and story that you get completely lost in them. Other seafaring stories: The Caine Mutiny (Wouk before he got bloated), The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (Poe's novel), The Pilot (Cooper), Mr. Midshipman Easy (Marryat), Wing and Wing (Cooper), Two Years Before the Mast (Dana--great account of his voyage for health reasons).

gina c in al

Joseph Conrad - Youth is a short story in which we encounter Marlow as a young man, its excellent. I read it in jr. high and its stayed with me ever since. Lord Jim, Chance, Victory, the Secret Sharer, the _____ of the Narcissus. I read all the O'Brians last summer, all 21 of them, and loved them. It took a while to get involved, but once it happened, it impossible to stop. Melville other than MD, Billy Budd, White Jacket, et al. I am trying to complete the William Golding To the End of the World trilogy, have the last one so holding off. I felt that only after reading the O'Brians did I have the full necessary backstory on Austen.


These are such great recommendations! Thanks!! I think I have added just about all of them to my amazon wishlist, and I will have to see if any are mooch-able. I did get the first Patrick O'Brian that way! I have heard O'Brian associated with Austen--actually that he writes a bit lit Austen. I am looking forward to getting some of these. See how I get myself into trouble with buying books....


Oooh, great list. I love seafaring tales as well. I can highly recommend:
Joseph O'Connor's "Star of the Sea"
Barry Unsworth's "Sacred Hunger"
Matthew Kneale's "English Passengers"
Elizabeth McGregor's "The Ice Child"


Kimbofo--thanks for the suggestions. I have the Unsworth and the Kneale (which I meant to read when you guys read it earlier, but I didn't get it started in time). The others have been added to my list! I love these sorts of adventure stories!


Star of the Sea - Joseph O'Conner (a tale of murder aboard ship)
Nathaniel Drinkwater - Richard Woodman (I can't personally vouch for these books but my dad loves them and he likes Master and Commander)
And how about Treasure Island?


Jodie--I've added the Woodman to my wishlist, too! Someone else mentioned the O'Conner, so this one must be really good. I have actually read Treasure Island--and enjoyed it immensely. I think it was a combination of Treasure Island and the Count of Monte Cristo which started all this! :)

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