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There is a BBC video of Gaudy Night. I can't vouch for how decent it is, since I didn't get very far watching it (if I recall correctly, I didn't like the "staged" look of the video--trivial, I know!).

Karina Falcón

Wow Such an avid reader I had never found. But it is nice to find one, who not only does the task but share it! Iam currently reading Mrs Dalloway and "Gothic" by Fred Botting. Keep on reading you.


Amanda A.

good luck with your pile'o'books. I recently did a "TBR" reshuffle and picked out my November reads. I'm going to try and stick with the list. :)


SS--I found it on netflix and added it to my queue, but it looks like the reviews are pretty mixed. I guess for now I will just concentrate on the book!
Karina--I think there are lots of "reading addicts" around. I read Mr Dalloway for a book club, but it is one I think I will eventually reread! Haven't heard of the other book you mentioned--will have to check it out!
Amanda--I will likely end up reshuffling my pile, too. I had hoped to get most of them read by the end of the year, and then keep the stack smaller! (We'll see if that happens!).

Dorothy W.

I'd like to read more Sayers -- she seems so much fun. And yeah, Robinson Crusoe has a lot of religion in it -- you can call it a conversation narrative as much as it is an adventure story.


I am enjoying the Sayers a lot. Usually with mysteries I like to start at the beginning, but it probably really doesn't matter. As for Robinson Crusoe--I suppose if I were stranded on a desert island all alone I would be questioning god, too! Something has to happen, though, I don't think he can just go on like he is...

Lazy Cow

Yes! Obligation reading. That is the phrase I've been searching for when trying to describe to myself the phenomenon where I am reading a book I thoroughly enjoy (at the moment Cloud Atlas) for my bookgroup, and I have The Thirteenth Tale waiting for me (bought due to everyone's high praises) as my 'reward' book.
As for Gaudy Night, I'm going to have to go back and read the earlier Wimsey books.


Obligation reading! That's a perfect name for it - and how come some books, begun as treats, end up as obligations?? And you know I think it's perfectly ok to skip India and head straight over to Indonesia. If I had written a book, I wouldn't mind if people skipped a chapter or two, if it meant they finished it feeling like they had enjoyed everything they'd read.


Lazy Cow--there is something about those obligation books--having that due date always makes me a bit antsy! I want to go back and read the earlier Sayers books, too.
Litlove--I read more of the India section last night and it wasn't too painful! :) Actually she is nearing the end of her stay in the ashram soon, so I hope she talks more about India otherwise. Some things she talks about I can totally relate to, but other parts I find myself thing, "please get on with the story"--skimming might be a good idea!


It's too bad there's not more about Indian food! My overriding thought reading your post though was how lucky you are to have Gaudy Night in front of you.


Bloglily--now I would be more into the book if there was more about Indian food! :) I am about halfway through Gaudy Night and really enjoying it!

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