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What great answers, and nice memories!


I only wish I could remember more--some people have great memories, but mine is terrible!


Likewise. I can never answer these questions :(
The most juvenile books I remember reading were the Gor books, or Stephen King/Dean R Koontz


I love your answers Danielle, and I have a suspicion mine are going to look very similar. I was brought up on a steady diet of junk, and loved it dearly, and can't remember a great deal about it!


Oh, I loved "Are you there god, it's me Margaret" too! I read that one a trillion times!


Can I just copy and paste your answers? :) Loved reading your answers. I'll try to post this meme tonight. So fun.


I read Are You There God a million times too. I just loved it SO much. I remember being so happy when I went to the dentist and it tickled when he cleaned my teeth, because that was exactly what happened when Margaret went. I'm so weird. This is a great meme, I just had to do it too.


Oh, Judy Blume is great.

I felt like you do, kind of embarrassed at not being able to remember when I first learned to read or the titles of old books (whose plots I recalled so well).


What an amazing meme! I cannot resist this one. Shamefully I have to confess to never having read Jane Eyre even though I am not 23 and it is long overdue, so I don't think you should feel too bad about it not being your first 'adult' book!


I say, any kid that reads a lot, is still a literary kid. Who cares if they read "junk?" Thanks for reminding me of the Flowers in the Attic books! I read so many of those in middle school even the ones that were written by committee or whatever after V.C. Andrews died.


Just stumbled onto your blog and your mention of "Flowers In the Attic" being one of your first adult read made me smile. It was mine too. Love your reading always looking for new books to read so will have to come back and check out all the books you've read..

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