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Dorothy W.

Money well spent indeed! I clearly don't own enough books, because I can't make my own list like yours -- I have a number of Virginia Woolf's books, and we own a bunch of Dickens and George Eliot, but other than that -- not many multiple books by the same author. I love Edith Wharton too :)


Dorothy--Had I not worked in a bookstore (and got a discount!), I probably wouldn't have so many books either. There is something about being around them all the time that makes you want to own them! Of course I have no real excuse now since I haven't worked in the bookstore for at least four years!

Ex Libris

I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I see we have several authors that overlap. I have lots more I could include (and will at some point in time). Good for you with the Dunnetts! I've read one (The Game of Kings) and loved it! I have several of the others but just haven't had time to get to them. Must make them a priority in '07!


Historically, I've generally collected publications [Everyman's Library, Franklin's Library, Folio Society], but I'm beginning to feel the urge to collect authors beyond the usual collections of my favourite authors. Now that I'm reliably informed of the better authors out there (reading blogs like this one), collecting them doesn't seem quite so eccentric (even if I don't read them]


You and I have such similar taste in books, Danielle, that it's scary! I've got lots of Sebastian Japrisot, and Kafka, and Mary Wesley and Woolf, and Anita Brookner, and Angela Carter, and... actually let's do this the quicker way: I must read the one Dorothy Dunnett sitting on my shelves. Oh, and I too am just a little nibble into the Mists of Avalon!

Les in NE

As my husband always says, "You can NEVER have too many books!" I have quite a few of Edith Wharton's, too. Isn't she a marvelous writer?!


I taught Angela Carter's The Bloody Camber this semester and my students loved her. All their papers were written on her and not my man Kafka.

Lots of good reads.


As far as books go, my thought is that some women like to buy shoes, some jewelry ... with me, it's books!


Ex Libris--I hope to read the first in the Lymond series sometime soon, too. I think it is a book that will need to be read by itself, though (rather than reading five at once like I tend to do!).
Andrew--I figure I will get to them eventually, and you never know when the mood will strike to pick one of them up, so it is nice to have them on hand!
Litlove--it is funny how that works out sometimes...some of my best friends have none of the same reading tastes as I do (though they love books)! It is nice when someone shares favorite authors! Wouldn't it be fun to take a look at each other's bookshelves (I expect I would find more authors I that I would enjoy).
Les--Yes, I love Wharton, too! I have to agree with your husband by the way! :)
Amanda--I think I have that book--maybe I should start there? She seems like an unusual author. I am looking forward to reading her!!
Lesley--I am the same way. I like clothes, but they can be so expensive--same with shoes. But just think of how many books you could buy instead!! :)

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