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I'm going to have to take a look at this website. Thanks for cluing us in!


Glad to hear the shipping went well. Thanks to your mentioning of The Book Depository, I went and ordered The Apple by Faber. I can't wait until it gets here, I'm boning up by rereading The Crimson Petal and the White now!

I wish I had thought of it at the time, I would have ordered The Winter Rose while I was at it. I have also read and enjoyed The Tea Rose and A Northern Light. I don't understand why TWR came out in Britain first either.


oooo! I am quite the Jennifer Donnelly fan! I am looking forward to the new one ~!

Lazy COw

I'm so excited I can barely type properly! Free shipping, even to AUSTRALIA (I checked). Thanks so much for this site, I'll be ordering books from them too!

Dorothy W.

Yes, nice to know about the Book Depository; I must check it out. And I love James, but haven't yet read The Aspern Papers -- now I'm intrigued.


Danielle, what wonderful news! It's going to change my life, just as BookMooch has. xo, BL


Lazy cow, if you are excited about free shipping for The Winter should be able to find it in the bookshops here. If it is free shipping in general that you are excited about, then I join you in that excited!

About The Winter actually came out here a few months ago, and I read it...and loved it!! It was my first five star read for this year, and as much as I enjoyed The Tea Rose I thought that The Winter Rose was a much better book.

Last I heard Jennifer Donnelly is working on the third book in the trilogy. I am REALLY looking forward to reading it!


I can't wait to give The Book Depository a try! That's great to hear that you had such a good experience with them.


I received my other two books yesterday in the mail: Jojo Moyes Ship of Brides, cover price 6.99--sold for 5.59, which is $10.69 and a new Penny Vincenzi book cover price 7.99 sold for 6.46. which is $12.35--no shipping cost. I thought the prices were pretty reasonable. Also I ordered them 11/14 and received the first package 11/20 and the other two 11/21. I will definitely be using them again in the future!

Les in NE

I loved The Tea Rose and am so excited about The Winter Rose. I'm tempted to order a copy from The Book Depository, but maybe I'll sit tight and wait until it comes to U.S. as I'd really like to have a hard cover copy. Plus, I have SO many books I want/should read first...


I have The Aspern Papers waiting in the stack to be read (in same volume as The Turn of the Screw which I started to re-read recently). John Berendt wrote about the real-life episode in The City of Falling Angels and some strange coincidental incidents with the papers of Ezra Pound, which also involved some prominent Venetians. I know from Berendt's book that James was living in Venice at the time and was heavily influenced by the real-life events in the writing of The Aspern Papers


Yay! I'm glad The Book Depository has your seal of approval...I should get commission or something for introducing all these bloggers. :-) Even I didn't think they're arrive to you so quickly though. Tis truly wonderful.

Have never heard of Jennifer Donnelly...another one for the wishlist. :-)


Les--I think I got the Tea Rose in hardcover, too. I am at a point now, though, where they take up so much room, I try and avoid them. I am sure it will be published here--I didn't notice a date yet, though.
Cam--I always love hearing those sorts of stories when I am reading a book about something else. It is interesting how things connect up sometimes!
Victoria--Yes, I will be using them again. They were quick and fairly inexpensive! As long as I am paying about what the book costs, I don't feel terribly guilty getting it. With Amazon though, the price would probably nearly double with the postage tacked on and I always felt guilty!! See what you started--they are going to get some extra business from your recommendation! They should give you book credits or something!!


ahem, I did a bit of comparison shopping (I should hate you lol), I chose 7 books and put them in my Amazon shopping cart. Then, I went to this lovely new site (did I mention I should hate you?) and did the same thing. Well, they didn't have one of the books I wanted, but they had The Winter Rose. Plus, I got one other book. Cheaper than by 20 bucks, plus one more book that is not available here and when it is, will be 20 bucks. So, I ordered books. Did I mention that I love saving money? Merry Christmas to me. (even if I really should hate you. lol).


Oh, and The Winter Rose only comes out in Canada in the fall of next year. I imagine it will be the same for the US. Or even after that.


Kailana--Can I blame it on Victoria? LOL. Just think of the money you are now saving...or the extra books you are getting with the money you are not wasting on postage! I just know when you get those books in the're going to be thanking me....:)

Les in NE

Donnelly has a nice website for those interested. Go to:


That Book Depository is pretty cool! When I visited their top 10 list was for ancient philosophy. Me likey. :)


Oh my. I think I am going to get myself into trouble with the Book Depository.


Les--thanks for the link. I also saw it and meant to add it to my post but forgot!
Sylvia--Tempting, isn't it!?!
Stefanie--I hoe everyone has a good experience like I did. I already plan on ordering more, but I am going to have to pace myself!


Danielle, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love British authors and I will definitely be checking The Book Depository website!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Lotus--You are welcome! It is nice to have an inexpensive alternative to the usual vendors!! It is nice to be able to finally be able to afford imported books!!


I don't know how they do it with free shipping -- but hey it's great news to us book lovers.

I've been relying on coupons from Borders and used bookstores since I consume a huge amount of books. :o)


Hey Danielle, did you see the Book Depository have thanked you publicly?

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