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I've lost my copy of A Christmas Carol and it's very frustrating. It's my favourite Christmas story - and I don't do favourites. lol

I haven't read anything on the NYT list. Several of them are on my request or TBR lists though.


Sassy--I am looking forward to finally reading Dickens! I have seen so many movie adaptations, but it will be good to read the original. Plus there are other stories included as well. My problem with new books from lists like the NYT is that often I check out the books from the library (since I try to not buy hardcovers), but I can never get them all read by the due dates. Hopefully some will soon be out in paper!

Dorothy W.

I've read one of the NYTimes list (the Ann Tyler novel), and I'm in the middle of a second (Rory Stewart's book The Places in Between), and that's it. I don't typically read books that are that recent.


Dorothy--I guess I don't lately either. Or the ones I do are not the sort that make it onto these lists! How do some people fit in reading so many books?!


I read Christmas Carol a few years ago and am planning to reread the new Annotated version this year. I was pleasantly surprised, very non-treacly sweet as I had feared it would be. Of course, as a child of my times, I am forever tainted by Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol! The books I am reading now are never current, there's only so much time now, and one must make the best use of it possible.


PS here is a link to The Studio in Kansas City, where I spent untold amounts of my paychecks when I was living in Nebraska back in 96. I fell in love with their series of Fish out of Water needlepoints and the Bird in Hand series. Not sure if you needlepoint but they may have something you would like.

Carl V.

Holiday spirit doesn't always come naturally, sometimes you just have to throw yourself into it. No sense feeling pressured about it. I look forward to your G.I.F.T. posts. I haven't really read any contemporary Christmas-y novels but somewhere I have a fantastic paperback book with short stories by women authors that I am trying to find. I know Joyce Carol Oates has a few in there. Based on some of your reading choices I think you'd like it. If I find it I'll let you know.


The only thing about Christmas I read was Skipping Christmas few years ago, because I don't really celebrate it.

Hmmm...I finished Arthur and George, read of it aboard. From the 100 Notable list I've got Oracle Bones on my desk, written by Peter Hessler, a correspondant of NYer in Beijing, whose debut River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze has become one of my favorite reads.

I've been digging short stories recently although I'm more a novel reader. I finished Runaway by Alice Munro, loving it about her keen eye and sense on women in relationship and its loss.

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