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I believe there is a Christmas challenge in the works too! We'll soon need a Challengers remember which Challenges we are signed up for and what books we are intendign to read! LOL!

Dorothy W.

Yay! I'm glad you gave in :)


LOL I like Marg's comment!! It is sooo true!


Nice list! I gave in on the challenge too about a day after I swore to myself that I wouldn't do anymore challenges for the rest of the year!


lol Well put Marg

Nice list. I just read Persuasion over the summer and I have to say I wish that I read it earlier. Of course, now I want my own copy...


Marg--I think readers (certainly me anyway) are only too happy to join an exchange if it means reading more books! :) Yes, I do need some way to keep them all straight!!
Dorothy--I wasn't going to until I saw this new one and figured I could incorporate other books into it as well!
Heather--Yes, very fitting, isn't it!
Stefanie--I said the same thing--Ha! :)
Sassy-Glad to hear you liked Persuasion. I want to read/reread all Austen's work this coming year! I was going to read them in order, but I really feel like reading this one now!


Danielle you should know resistance *is* futile by now! :-) And challenges really are good for you - they focus your reading and make you analyse your TBR pile. (This is what I tell myself...)

Great list too! 'A Long Long Way' is good, if very, very sad; 'Persuasion' is Austen's most...erm...austere work but one of my favourites; 'The Mists of Avalon' is, as I've said a gazillion times, pure genius; and 'Fingersmith' is unputdownable - you should have it read in three days. :-)


I've been thinking of joining. I like to think I regularly chip away at my own stack, and right now most of the ones there have massive page counts, that I think 5 would be unrealistic. But maybe...


I couldn't resist this one either. I figure this will be a great way to make room for new books :)

Granted, now I'm seeing everyone else's lists and I'm adding more titles to the tbr list. sigh.


Great choices! You will love Persuasion (now my all-time favorite, replacing Jane Eyre) and The Mists of Avalon. After reading all the interesting lists everyone is putting together, I think I'm going to have to join in too...

Ex Libris

I highly recommend Barry's A Long, Long Way. It topped my list in 2005. It was shortlisted for the Booker prize last year and, IMO, should have won. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


I figure that with this challenge if I read 5 and add 20, it's like one step forward and 4 back! Oh well, without the challenge it would have been 20 steps backward. I just added a couple from your list to my TBR list.

Les in NE

Resistence is futile. Sounds like a good name for a challenge! I couldn't resist either and just posted my list.

Carl V.

Good list! Welcome to the list of those who just couldn't resist!


I gave in and joined up as well. And Holy Fools is one of my selections, too - I'll be curious to see what you think of it. Fingersmith is a fabulous book, one of my favorite reads from earlier this year.


Love your list, Danielle and I look forward to reading your reviews. Jane Austen's "Persuasion" might go on my classics challenge list, let's see.

p.s. Did you get my e-mail about Margaret Atwood's "Penelopiad"?

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