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I'm going to be starting "A Christmas Carol" very soon here. I may even start on it tonight, but I haven't made up my mind.

Carl V.

I love that quote at the start of your post and the description of the original edition of A Christmas Carol makes my book lovers heart skip a beat. I am so interested in the way books are bound, presented, etc. and this is a lovely description. I haven't read this story in decades but after your post I am wishing I was reading it now!


My favourite Dickens is Our Mutual Friend...although they are all so uniquely wonderful.

Dickens has written a few Christmas stories. It is interesting to read about how influential he has been in our modern Christmas traditions. I think he started a lot of them.


I love love love love this story. I read it and read it and reread it and this year I will be reading it again, always on Christmas Eve. It is the most heartwarming, scary, funny, sad book and if this is the first time you have read it, I envy you the joy of discovery. I have blogged about this under the RIP challenge if you are interested in looking.

God Bless us Every one!

Bluestalking Reader

Like Elaine, I love love love love this one, too! We just read this one in the online book group I run for the library, or at least I and one other person did that I know of. Not exactly a bustling book group, but ah well! I get paid to run it so can't complain too much... ;-)


I have to say my favorite film version of this is "A Muppet Christmas Carol"... complete with Gonzo as Charles Dickens and Michael Caine (!) as Scrooge.


I haven't visited the museum but have walked past it many times. I have, however, had a drink (or two!) in many pubs with Dickens' connections. I must dig through my photo archives and post some of them online for everyone to see.

Dorothy W.

I hope you enjoy it! I'm not even sure if I've read A Christmas Carol or not -- if I did, it was quite a while ago. I'm sure you'll like it, and Dickens's other novels too, when you get there.


Ellen - I adore the Muppet Christmas Carol as well and that will be watched over Christmas! Kermit as Bob Cratchit priceless


Brandon--Now that I am officially on vacation I plan on pulling it out and starting to read it.
Carl--Can you imagine owning one of the original editions of these? I guess the hand colored illustrations were not included in later editions (too costly). What amazed me was that he was only around 30 when he wrote this if I am remembering correctly.
Rachel--I had no idea that he really did make the whole "Christmas celebration" that we now know. I also have Our Mutual Friend--it looks good...but I have read nothing yet of Dickens!
Elaine--I need to go and look for your post! I am looking forward to reading the story--I have seen many of the adaptations.
Bluestalking Reader--I belong to your Yahoo group, but I have not been able to keep up with any sort of reading schedule. I did want to read this along with the group--but of course I got behind and that didn't happen!
Ellen & Elaine--This is one version I have not seen. I will have to try and find a copy (I bet the library will have it).
Kimbofo--You are so lucky to live in London--that is one city I would love to live in (though I am sure I could never afford it!). I would love to see photos--you should share them if you can!!
Dorothy--I plan on reading one of Dickens novels next year--he was so prolific!

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