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Thanks for the heads-up on "Labyrinth." I've had it on my wishlist for a while. I thought it'd be an adventure story too, but if you say it's bad, I won't waste my time on it.


Brandon--I always feel bad telling someone not to read a particular book. If the story appeals, I say check it out from the library and give it a try. I did read the whole book, but it just didn't really live up to my expectations. I really thought the writing would be better, and the story wasn't quite what I expected either. It was one of those time I was happy to have checked out the book from the library!

Dorothy W.

Very nice list! I think it's interesting that a lot of your favorite books are older ones -- "classic" types. Is that what you expected or is it a bit of a surprise? I really, really need to read Sophie's Choice!

Carl V.

Choosing favorites is indeed difficult and probably can only really be done well after the fact when one sees just what books have stayed with them. I think you did a marvelous job of choosing and weren't a 'pushover' at all.


Hahaha, maybe I'm a pushover too. I did a post recently wondering why I rarely if ever read enough (if any) books to compile a "Worst Books" list and concluded that my instincts were simply too sharp. My take makes me look better. ;)

Middlemarch is one of those titles that have been popping up on litblogs all year. Maybe it's time for me to read a George Eliot. Along with the million other authors I plan to read next year.

Dark Orpheus

I like this list.

I've been curious about Paul & Jane Bowles for a while now. I thought I might pick up "The Sheltering Sky" for 2007, but changed my mind. I've been eyeing "Awakening" and "People's Act of Love" for a while too. Hmm.

"Middlemarch" intimidates me a little, since I regard it as one of those "Books You Must Read To Be a Well-Rounded Reader." And it's something of a chuckster.

Just wondering, Danielle, have you read "Emma"? How does "Persuasion" measure up against "Emma"? I must be one of those oddballs that preferred "Emma" to "Pride and Prejudice." Most Austen fans I know prefers "Pride."

I heard some disappointing things about "Eat, Pray, Love." I wanted to pick it up, but all these disappointed readers are starting to dissuade me.

Lazy Cow

You've done this so well.(I've done my roundup and it's all over the place!) It makes me wish I could read Sophie's choice for the first time again, and I'm off to buy Persuasion this weekend. So looking forward to reading it.


I am the same way about "bad" books, because I usually like or at least don't hate nearly everything I read. I am looking forward to reading your take on the O'Brian books.


Great list, Danielle! I never appreciated Austen until I read Persuasion; I was able to go back to P&P with a much better frame of mind afterwards, although I still believes it pales in comparision to Persuasion.

I've got to make time to read Sophie's Choice.

The Meek will be on my list as well (I think you already know that).

Bluestalking Reader

Wow, what a fantastic list! Stellar post, thanks for this. I'm in full "hunting for everyone's Best of lists," and this one really hits the spot.

I've read and loved several on your Best of list, and I was just looking at The Birth House yesterday. I bought myself a few books to celebrate ringing in the New Year (early, okay, but I felt it necessary!), and this one was in my hand but I put it down. I may check it out of the library, instead, as hardcover prices are so hard to stomach.

I agree with you on Labyrinth, I was also so looking forward to it and it really let me down. But another I read and loved in this genre was Murkmere by Patricia Elliott. Truly brilliant stuff! You may want to give that one a try if you love this genre as much as I do.

Thanks again for the great list!


I've got to get around to reading Wilkie Collins. Every time I see him mentioned he gets raves.


Dorothy--I did have a few other books that weren't classics on my list of favorites, but I knew I had to whittle down the list a bit. It is really hard choosing favorites for me as usually I like so many of them!
Carl--Those were the ones that I chose--the ones that were still somewhere in my mind and I suspect will stay there for some time!
Imani--Middlemarch is definitely worth the time and effort! I am not sure I would have picked it up on my own had I not read it in a group. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to pick up books like this in the future.
Dark Orpheus--I have not yet read Emma, but I do hope to this year. I have seen the movie quite a few times, and I loved the movie. I would like to try and read all Austen's novels this year.
Lazy Cow--Wasn't Sophie's Choice really good?! I hope you like Persuasion and the Meek book!
Bikeprof--I can usually find something about a book that I like--even if the writing is bad I might still like the story. Generally with me it is only a matter of degrees--I might like something much more than other books, or less. I am looking forward to reading O'Brian--I have heard him compared to Austen--have to find out if that is true!
Susan--I thought you already read the Meek? I would love to read all of Austen's books this year so that I can compare them while they are fresh in my mind. It has been a while since I read P&P.
Bluestalking Reader--You should give the Birth House a try--check out a library copy--I thought it was very good! I have never heard of Murkmere--I will have to look it up!
Stefanie--Definitely read Collins sometime--The Woman in White is my favorite!

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