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I've not read this book and it sounds brilliant. Will have to look it up at some point!


Claire--A&E made an excellent film adaptation of this series of books if you are not familiar with it! If you do start reading these books, they are seriously addictive! :)


A mental queue! That is the perfect way to describe it!! Oh how I enjoy all your posts!!


Heather--Well, I also have a notebook, but I tend to keep books in mind that I know I want to read next! I used to keep all sorts of convoluted lists, but they got out of control as my piles did.


I'm right there with you on the mental queue. :) I have to say, you might just entice me to read a Forester book yet. I've always thought of these as books my dad reads, and therefore, I do not read. But you sure do make them sound good. And my Dad sure thinks so, too! :)


I so envy you the experience of reading the Hornblower books for the first time. And you're still near the beginning of the series. I think I may have to pick them up again very soon; it's been awhile since I read them. You will enjoy them immensely -- savor every one!


Camille--When I worked at a bookstore a few years back I would never have even pulled one of Forester's books off the shelf! They were always there, but I never thought I would ever read them! Watch the A&E adaptation of the books--if you at all are interested in sailing themes (and I didn't even think I was into that either), you will like them!
Susan--I have a feeling it won't be long until I pick up the next one--I already have it by my bed and dipped into it just a tad. They are very addictive!

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