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I agree with you! I hate it, too!! Mine updated while I was away for the weekend and DH doesn't see anything wrong with it but I just want the old stuff back =-( Of course, I have no idea how computers work, I just push the buttons and the magic happens, so I can't help you...but I sure can commiserate!! I love your blog, BTW, and read you almost everyday! Happy New Year!


HI Debby--Thanks for the nice words. Then it isn't just me. I was thinking there was some way to adjust how it appears, but for the life of me I can't find the right place to fix it. I am contemplating uninstalling it and just reinstalling IE6, but I am afraid I will lose all my bookmarks. I don't want to creat a yet bigger mess for myself. Maybe I will just get used to it....blech. If this is an improvement...well...I'm not so sure.


And Happy New Year to you, too! :)


I have to use IE7 at work, and it's positively hideous, I'd much prefer to use Firefox. Anyway, when they developed IE7, they changed the way text is rendered in browsers, but you can turn ClearType (the new rendering method) off. You can read more about how to turn it off, and why they changed the method here:


Courtney--THANK YOU!!! My monitor is old--it looked terrible and I was going to be very cranky if I had to look at that every day! I knew there had to be a box somewhere I could uncheck--thanks for helping me find it!! I feel so much better now! :)


Just so you know, your blog looks just fine on my monitor (with ClearType on). I hope you will learn to love IE7 as I do! Do check out the tab shortcuts, they are very useful (look on a new blank tab for the link). The customizable search box is great too. I have mine set to search by ISBN at various book websites.


I haven't upgraded to IE 7 yet, but I'm not exactly looking for it, either. If my computer updates to it, then cool. If not, then I'll stick with IE 6. I've heard that Firefox is one of the best browsers out there (and it's free, too), but I'm a creature of habit. I'm so used to IE 6 that I'm loathe to switch to anything else. And some of the websites I've come across strike me as ad spots for Firefox ("We've detected that you're using Internet Explorer! Switch to Firefox NOW!"), which is about as annoying as a pop-up. Every time I see a website that tells me to switch to Firefox, the more I tell myself to stick with IE 6 out of spite.


If you don't have any luck with Clear Type or getting back to IE 6, do try Firefox. I use a Mac and had to download Firefox in order to make my blog. My son had been telling me to use Firefox for ages. He was right. (And I loathe change too.) I was able to transfer all my Bookmarks from Safari to Firefox. Good luck!


I was reluctant to move to Firefox but I love it. IE7 at work & we have problems all the time, including interfering with other MS apps (business apps, not one a home user would use, so not to worry). I hadn't really thought about the fonts at work, but I have noticed it displaying oddly on some sites. Kinda funny, isn't it, that what was making your fonts blurry was called ClearType! hehehe.


Hi Danielle, just to let you know, I say the same as Sylivia, your blog looks absolutely fine on my computer here [a Mac]... there is nothing blurry or weird. It looks great, actually.
Secondly, as Beth and Cam say, I have found Firefox to be far superior to Safari and Explorer, at least as it applies to working with the notoriously fickle Blogger!
Firefox rocks.

Carl V.

I use IE7 at work and really enjoy it. I did have to mess around with font settings to get it to look right but once that was done I really started to enjoy it!


I haven't used internet explorer in years -- it's firefox for me (at home) and Safari (at work).


Something else to think about -- I've finally started using Google Bookmarks. I got tired of having some bookmarks at work and some at home. Now they are all on my Google homepage and are accessible from anywhere. It was very easy to set up and you can put your bookmarks into categories. A big help when you have to/need to change browsers.


I'm another on the Firefox train. I switched to it completely last spring and now loathe having to use IE. I did have some problems when Firefox when to 2.0 but since they've put up an upgrade to 2.01 I've been doing fine.

Whether you stick with IE 7.0 or switch to Firefox I guarantee that you will become addicted to tabs. ;)

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