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Isn't amazing that I can go into that place (the library) day after day and watch other people check out books I want to read, but don't have time for? I pat myself on the back a lot for that.

Les in NE

There's a Half Price Books in Kansas City?!!! OK, I can make that drive in about 2 1/2 hours. This is TOO tempting! Ack!

Dorothy W.

I'd like to read Edna O'Brien too, although I don't any of hers yet (Book mooch!), and I've got an Atkinson novel sitting on my shelves (Case Histories) -- not enough time!


Completely enjoyed the Michael Cox. But you will need some time to savour it; it is like Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell in that aspect.


Wow Danielle, a month without checking out a library book? I know how hard that is for you. I'm impressed :)

The Burning Time sounds so interesting and it's not a book I've heard about either. Can't wait to hear more about it.


Adrienne, I am usually disappointed when I don't leave the library with big stack of books, but I am trying not to indulge myself too much when I know I won't get them all read.
Les--I hope I can get to it, but if it is not right at the Plaza, I may not be able to go as this is where we are being dropped off to shop. If it is close by, though, it will be too tempting to pass up!
Dorothy--Bookmooch is great for these sort of authors you read about and have been around for a while as often someone has a book they don't want. I really liked the Atkinson book--I look forward to hearing what you think of it.
Rachel--It is now in my library queue again. When I first had the book, I wasn't sure I wanted to read a book from the perspective of a murderer, but really it could be quite interesting. The first line of the book was certainly intriguing!
Iliana--Weird, eh? No, not the worry, the earth has not stopped spinning on its axis! :) I did dip into The Burning Time--it is good enough to make me want to keep reading!

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