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Lazy Cow

Thanks for the tip about Dorrie the Witch in a previous post. I borrowed "Dorrie and the Witch Doctor" and the children and I loved it!


Lazy Cow--Isn't Dorrie great? I loved those books when I was little!


Another person planning on reading Dorothy Dunnett this year!!


Great answers Danielle. I keep seeing those Dorothy Dunnett books too and keep saying one day. And, I really have to read one of those Hannah Wolfe mysteries.


I went on a spree at the bookstore this week =-) I am amassing Woolf and Woolf-related books right now...awaiting a mail delivery now,too, for some they didn't have =-) I also bought The Crimson Petal and the White and ordered The Apple from The Book are very "bad" for me and my "cutting back" thing...=-)


What fun answers! I've heard lots of praise for Dorothy Dunnett but have never read any of her books. I look forward to finding out what you think of them. You may be the one who prompts me to read her at last!


I read some of Nin's fiction a while ago and thought she wrote well, but never really considered following it up with anything. But the reviews on Amazon are glowing, and since you enjoyed what you've read of her diaries, I'm going to have to add them to my wishlist!


Can it be that the book you're looking for (Irish woman falls in love with Italian POW) is Another Time, Another Place by Jessie Kesson? There's also a movie made from this book (from 1984). It's only that the book & movie have their setting in Scotland and not in Ireland....???

Dorothy W.

Possession and anything by Jane Austen sound like excellent re-reads! I re-read Austen pretty regularly.


Good answers! I'm with you on the diaries, for sure.

Great meme.


Do not, I repeat, do not start the Dunnett books unless you are prepared to sit down and spend hours of quiet concentrated reading time on them. They are incredibly dense, detailed and packed with detail and cannnot be read quickly. Just thought I would warn you!


Marg--I hope to at least read the first one this year. Have you read any of them?
Iliana--Unfortunately she has only written three of the Hannah Wolfe novels. I really like this character and wish she would write more!
Debby--Which Woolf do you plan on reading first. She was certainly an intriguing person, wasn't she? I hope you like the Faber books--I loved both of them. I will have to reread Crimson Petal some day! It doesn't take long before I fall into my old ways when it comes to swearing off book buying!
Stefanie--Every year I say I am going to read her--we'll see if this is the year finally!
Max--I don't think I have read any of her fiction, but I saw the movie Henry and June and that got me interested in her (I think I have a bio of her as well). I started dipping into her journals--another interesting person I am curious about!
Joyce--I don't believe it!! I was not making that up--HA. I wasn't certain the setting was Ireland, but that sounds exactly like the book. It is even in print still! I knew eventually someone would have heard of it!!! THANKS!
Dorothy--Jane Austen is very rereadable isn't she?! I have been meaning to reread Possession for a long time. I keep pulling it off the bookshelf and then putting it back!
LK--Diaries seem to satisfy my nosiness...or maybe I should say curiosity. :)
Elaine--Thanks for the heads up. I have both of the companions to help with the references in the text. I compare her in my mind to Umberto Eco. I know they are going to be an undertaking, which is why I have not yet gotten around to them. I hope at some point this year I will have some time to devote to them, but I know it is not right now!


No I haven't read any yet. I picked up Game of Kings from the library the other day so will need to start it in th enext couple of months.


Marg--I look forward to hearing what you think! Maybe in the spring I can give the first one a try--I have too many things going on right now!

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