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Oooops. Left my delurk post on the Odd Shelf entry. Rather than confuse matters any more, I'll resist writing an "Odd Shelf" post here.


Well, I've commented before, but mostly lurk with all the good intentions of commenting!

So, erm, *delurks*! I think I originally found my way here from Carl's Stainless Steel Droppings blog. I *think*. :-)


I'll go ahead and de-lurk. I have your blog on my bloglines roll, so I don't comment too much. But, great blog!


In checking back, I notice that some of my comments have not appeared. Sometimes, I forget to wait for the verification letters! As you know, I'm both a lurker and a commenter, depending on time and energy. But whether the comment actually makes it to the blog or not, I've responded in my head!


I have gottten some great suggestions from you! I am an avid mystery reader and have liked many of the same mysteries as you. Thanks for posting!

Heather T.

Lurker/Commenter here also. I want to hear about which books you purchase!!


Hello I do pop into the comments occassionally but not all the time. Found your blog about a year ago from links on bookgirl's site. I love your blog (my favourite kind of book blogs come equipped with pictures of books) and have added countles challenges to my reading objectives because of you.

Happy reading this year:)

Pat Wilburn

bi-weekly lurker....not commenter..reading Oran Pamuk's "Snow"...not loving it..what do you think?


You have the most interesting tastes in books and I'm not sure why I haven't commented before. I stumbled upon your blog when I was reading The Thirteeth Tale and that was when you were posting about it. Right now I'm about to finish American Bloomsury by Susan Cheever and may start on The Sea Captain's Wife next.


I'm just a quasi-lurker, I suppose, but I haven't commented in awhile, although I read you every day, so I'm de-quasilurking. Or am I quasi delurking. Whatever the correct terminology, I'm doing it.

I see that you, like I, have been slowly pecking away at War and Peace. I really must devote some time to it. I think the biggest problem is that it is such an unportable book.


Hi Danielle-
I often read and do not always comment, so hello on delurking day! :)



I love it - Delurking Week! I love all the terms that have sprung into existence because of the web: blog, lurk, ebooks, email, snailmail, etc. I'm not a real lurker, because I usually comment. I've been guilty of doing what Jenclair does - not waiting to see if the verification was approved.

Happy Delurking Week!


Alright, ya got me. I have been reading your blog faithfully for a few months now. I love reading your comments, what you read, and how you document it all so well. I am, quite frankly, in awe. I am an elementary school teacher and live in Phoenix, Arizona, where right now I guess we are experiencing a bit of winter. I have just been called to Jury service for an 8 week trial and books are indeed my saving grace. Enjoy a wonderful weekend....


Hey, I read your blog about every day. I love it so much, with all your different opintions of books. I had to link it on my book blog.

Thanks for the great reads


Ok. I can't really ever remember if I actually left a comment, or just commented in my head and went on. So, if I'm an unintentional lurker, I'm delurking.


I can't recall if I've ever left a comment here or not, but I have been reading your blog off and on for more than a year.


Ok- I will de-lurk. I really like the diversity of books you discuss and have read some of your recommendations. I landed on your site via Stainless Steel Droppings when I read his review of The Thirteenth Tale. I have now discovered a world of book bloggers but you are on my Favorites list!

Linda Gillard

I'm never sure if it's ok for authors to comment on blogs. It seems something of an intrusion unless you're actually being reviewed.
Thanks for the entertainment, Danielle, even though blog-reading is death to novel-writing and I'd resolved to do less of it. (Reading that is, not writing. ;-) )


I discovered your blog a few weeks ago via Semicolon's Saturday Review of Books. I'm in the process of moving, but once I get settled in, I plan to spend some time browsing your archives.


Many, many thanks for all the comments! It is nice to get an idea of who stops by now and again!
Anne--I saw your comment on the other post!
Quixotic--Yes, you have stopped by here before! I have to thank Carl for sending readers my way!
Daland--Thanks for the nice words. I just discovered Bloglines--isn't it wonderful! I feel so much more organized with it!
Jenclair--I didn't realize that you had to do a word verification to leave a comment--I wonder if I can turn that off--I always have problems with that on blogger!
Gretchen--thanks--I am always open to suggestions when it comes to mysteries, so if you have some favorite authors you haven't seen me mention, please feel free to share. My latest find is PD James!
Heather-Hi--My post today has my new goodies!
Jodie--I love visuals, too!! Bookgirls blog is one of my favorites! Happy reading to you also!
Pat--Feel free to lurk away. I started Snow last year for a book group, but I only got about 40-50 pages in. There were too many other distractions. I thought it was good, but it was slow reading. I have heard good things about it, so maybe it is a matter of getting far enough in until the story picks up? I want to start My Name is Red, soon. I hope to read Snow eventually. It could be a matter of timing--if you are feeling like you are slogging, maybe another book is what you need. Good luck with it.
Sam--I loved the Sea Captain's Wife!! If you like it you might also try Ahab's Wife. Are you enjoying American Bloomsbury? I thought it looked interesting!


JmFausti--I am a lurker on your blog, too!! I really need to pick up W&P again, soon. You're right--it it heavy to drag around, though I have a smaller paperback, so I guess I can't use that as too much of an excuse.
Amanda--I am the same--I check in on all the blos in my blogroll, but I don't always leave comments. If I had more time...
Booklogged--sorry about that word verification thing! I know it is meant to keep out spammers, but I want the real posters to be able to post easily!
Gaye--Wow eight week trial--ugh. I did jury duty for two weeks--I was on a brief trial, and I read Margaret George's big book on Henry VIII! That was the only up side to it. Good luck!
Aimee--Thanks. I must visit you now--I try and link to people who link to me, but if I didn't I must have overlooked it! I don't always watch to see who is connecting to me in Typepad.
Adrienne--Yes, thank you, you have left comments here. Much appreciated!
Jill--thanks! Feel free to leave a comment anytime.
Pat--You will get very addicted once you start making the book rounds! I have discovered so many good books via book blogs!!
Linda--Of course you are most welcome to comment any time. I always think it is cool when authors leave comments. It can be very distracting (the internet!) when you need to be doing something else!!!
Mindy--Please do stop by once you are settled in!!


Thanks for the suggestion. A big THICK book sounds like the perfect solution. I have decided to ride the Express bus downtown for the duration of the trial and it looks like I can count on some good built in reading time! I loved reading your dilemna at the bookstore. Frustration with trade paperback prices is something I say argh to a lot! Thanks for a great blog and keep on encouraging us! Gaye


Gaye--I ride the bus to work every day and it is amazing how much extra reading I can get in even though it doesn't take that long to get there. As for paperback prices--I need to space out my purchases a bit more...!

handsome rob

hi. i found this while trying to find out about my own lurker. figured i'd say hi out of courtesy.


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