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Another movie with an ambiguous ending is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" but I liked it anyway. I do have my trusty books and DVDs who can be depended on to give me the neat ending when loose ends make my grumpy.

I hadn't heard of "The Big Blue" before but it sounds good!


I would have found all that very frustrating too. I do like to KNOW one way or the other at the end of a story. I've heard so much about the Big Blue but have never got around to watching it. I have a feeling that Jean-Marc Barr is cute, but maybe I'm confusing him with someone else? One of my favourite French movies is Bon Voyage which has just the most gorgeous man in one of the lead roles. Ok, Ok, so I'm shallow, but he cheers me up no end to watch.


Imani--I don't mind a sad ending (well, maybe I do, but I can deal with it), but not to know either way is frustrating! I will have to look up "Eternal Sunshine..."--that is a new one to me.
Litlove--I'm the shallow one. I got "The Big Blue" as Jean Marc Barr was in it. Yes, he is gorgeous--the most beautiful blue eyes and sweetest smile. I am now making my way through his movies. I think I have watched most of the ones in English that I can get, so now am moving on to the ones in French...I really wish I understood French.


I like closure, too: however, those movies, stories, etc. that leave us without closure do stick in our minds, don't they? We may be frustrated, but we don't forget them quickly.


Jenclair--Yes, closure is definitely a good thing. While I sort of hate sad endings where people die, or whatever, at least you're not left wondering!

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