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Dorothy W.

This sounds like a whole lot of fun -- it's not the kind of thing I usually read, which is an excellent reason to think about giving it a try!


Dorothy--If you are not a mystery fan, this might be a good one to try as it is not a typical mystery. The writing is also really excellent as well. It seems I read a review somewhere of the audio book, which I think is read by Timothy Dalton, so that might be an idea, too.


Oh-and the reviewer was pleased with the way Dalton read the story by the way!


Mary (at MarysLibrary)liked this one as well. You both make it sound appealing.

Literary Feline

I always enjoy reading your reviews, Danielle. You have a great way with words.

My husband can be a picky reader at times, especially when it comes to mysteries. This one just might be up his alley (and mine--mystery lover that I am).


I'm not much of a reader of crime fiction (more a question of time than anything to fit yet more books in?), but this sounds very intriguing and I like Banville's style.

One for the wishlist when it comes out in paper back methinks.


Wow, Simenon was quite the prolific writer wasn't he? I actually looked for some of his novels before my trip to Belgium last year and couldn't find any. Now I want to read him and this one too of course!


Jenclair--So far I have read pretty favorable reviews of the book. I know you read mysteries, and though it is not a traditional mystery really, you might like it.
Literary Feline--Let me know what you both think if you give it a try!
Victoria--I totally understand about the time thing. I usually read lots of mysteries, but lately I haven't been able to squeeze them in. This is definitely well written and well plotted though!
Iliana--Simenon did write quite a lot--he wrote the Maigret mysteries, which I get the feeling were sort of pulp-ish, but he also wrote some more hard-boiled novels, which I think were actually Banville's inspiration. I do want to read Simenon, too. Someone else recommeded him before I even read Christine Falls! I'll have to see what the little mystery bookstore has in stock!

Dorothy W.

This sounds like it would be perfect to listen to -- thanks for the suggestion!

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