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Dorothy W.

Congratulations! Finishing that book is an accomplishment -- quite a bit of time went into that, I know. I know the feeling of loss you're talking about -- a book can become such a companion and it's hard to lose it.


Congratulations on finishing War & Peace! **lots of applause coming your way ** It must be a relief to have accomplished your goal of finishing the book. You makes me want to go back and finish all the books that I left at a halfway point.

Can't wait to learn what you're reading now!


Congrats...It will be interesting to see what book you choose next and whether or not your opinion of that one is influenced at all by the experience of reading such a long classic as War and Peace.

I would be tempted to read something light and fairly short just as a change of pace. But, then, I also am not one who has ever had the patience to read War and Peace, in the first place. :)


Good going! This novel ranks in my top 10 reads of all time. I love it. I read it quite a few years ago, but still remember a lot of the details which I think speaks well of any novel. Someday, I intend to read it again. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this book as you have more time to absorp it!


Congrats on finishing! This book is in my tbr pile, but with university, I just don't think I have the time to dedicate to it right now. One of these days, though, because I think it would be a worthwhile read. Reading a few more classics period would likely be worthwhile, but in any case...

Les in NE

Hurray!! What a great accomplishment. I think the longest book I've ever read was Anna Karenina (or maybe Sarum).


Dorothy--I wonder how many hours went into reading it--it certainly feels like a lot! It does feel quite nice to have finished it!
Amelia--Thanks! I would have quite a stack of books if I pulled out all the ones I have only read part of! As a matter of fact I have a shelf going with my unfinished reads...
Sam--I feel like I should read another classic to follow up, but I also really want something short as well! I decided on a book by Maugham--I feel like a cheater as the print is huge and it is only about 200 pages--after W&P and all that small print, though, I wanted a little break. And Maugham's works are classics, so I am compromising! It's hard to follow up W&P! Although I had this on my shelves, I don't think I would have picked it up on my own--I started reading with a group and most of them finished last August/September!!!
Wendy--I can see why this is a favorite of so many--it is a grand book--both in scale and ideas. I do need time to let it swish around in my brain and I'd like to read more about it. Maybe someday I will reread it, too. I hear another new translation is coming out in 2008!
Kailana--It would be a challenge to work on this along with your studies! Of course it will always be there--so maybe on a summer break. I do recommend it though!
Les--Thanks--hurray is exactly how I feel--LOL. I bet Sarum is well over 1000 pages!! I'd love to read Anna K. While I was reading W&P I was all gung ho to pull Anna K out, too, but I think I need a little breather before undertaking any other long Russian novels!

Dark Orpheus

"Applause* - Being able to finish "War and Peace" should always be celebrated. It's like finishing your first 50 mile run or something. It takes stamina, and you did it!



Congratulations Danielle! A book buying spree is in order to celebrate this no? :) And, really, you are going to read Don Quixote? Very impressed!


Dark Orpheus--Thank you! I sort of felt like I hit that "wall of pain" about the time I got to the epilogue!! I may not undertake any other 1500 page books this year however...
Iliana--I do think I am going to attempt Don Quixote. I feel like after finishing W&P, I can stick with just about anything (as long as it is shorter!). I am hoping that reading DQ in a group will keep me on task, but I might forego other books while I am reading it and just try and read it straight through. Not sure if that will work (somehow I feel like Cervantes is going to be harder than Tolstoy), but I don't want to start it in May and not finish it until next March like W&P!!! Now that you mention it...I just got a coupon from B&N for the new Tracy Chevalier book...I might just stop at the bookstore and pick it up later in the week. I like your idea of a little reward (anything for an excuse to buy a new book!!).


Congratulations Danielle! What a huge achievement! I have never read such an enormous book and don't think I'd be capable of it. I'm sure it will take you a little while to get your thoughts together! But respect to you for having made it to the very end!


Well done! But now I'm greedy for more. Very curious as to what you took to work with you this morning!

Lazy Cow

Hooray. I know the feeling! Your experience almost makes me want to reread it. Almost!


Accomplishment indeed. Congratulations! I'd like to read it someday but haven't mustered up enough courage yet. Don Quixote either actually, although I have read Anna Karenina. Anyway, well done. Oh and I love Britishisms- I wonder what translation I have.


Well done!


Good job! On finishing and on the interesting comments! I've never read War and Peace, but you've certainly made me want to.


Finishing War and Peace is a great achievement! I hope to read it in 2008. I read Anna Karenina and loved it.


Congratulations on finishing!

I am sad enough to have read W&P twice, partly because it was part of my university course and partly because I did enjoy it so much. Reading it the second time was definitely quicker, if that's any consolation...


Yay! I don't think it's the greatest novel ever. But it IS good, isn't it?


Wow...this is cause for me to de-lurk and offer my congratulations!
I hear the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation is due out later this year. That may give me the extra incentive I need to tackle W&P. They did a great job with Anna Karenina.


Snaps to you! I can't wait for your careful consideration.


Congratulations, that is quite a feat! I always get a strange feeling after I finish an epic novel, a combination of a sense of loss and accomplishment.


Woohoo! Way to go! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts about it.


Litlove--Thanks. I admire you for reading Proust...and not just reading him, but reading him in French! :)
Nutmeg--I jumped right in with three new (well, new-ish anyway) books! I hope to finish a couple before the end of the month.
Lazy Cow--Maybe someday you'll feel that urge to pull it back off the shelf again! Do you still want to read Tess next month?
Tanabata--I'm sort of afraid that while Don Quixote is shorter, that it will be more difficult reading. I still want to read Anna K--but I need a breather from Russian authors for a bit. As for the British-isms--they really stood out when the peasants were talking as they sounded sort of British slang-y if that makes sense.
Jenclair--I think it is definitely a very worthwhile read!
3M--It is definitely the sort of book that is good to plan for. I wish I would have just concentrated on it when I started and maybe I would have finished it sooner.


Heidijane--Twice is very impressive!! I bet it does goe faster the second time, and I expect you picked up more details in the story. I'd like to read it again someday, I think!
Isabella--I'm not sure if I could say exactly which novel is the greatest--this was definitely very good! I have heard others say Anna K is even better.
JoAnn--I have heard that Pevear and Volokhonsky are very respected translators. If I ever do reread this, I think I might watch out for their translation! I did find their translation of Anna K in a used bookstore.
Ted--I'll have to give that post lots of thought! There is so much to think about and would be so much to write about.
Bookbinds--I know that feeling well right now. As happy as I was to finish reading that last page, I felt sort of let down too as I had spent so much time reading it and being involved in the story!
Sylvia--Thanks. I hope I am up to writing about it. I'd like to read other's readers thoughts about it as well.


Congratulations! That is quite a feat, one I've never attempted myself - and not sure I would!


Congratulations Danielle!
Welcome to the PWHRWP-Club!
[People Who Have Read Warren Peace].


Well done! W&P is one of the books I know I really should read . . . one day . . . when I find the time and the commitment. So probably not anytime soon! I'll be interested to see your progress when you get around to Don Quixote - I've had this one in my TBR box for four and a quarter years! (That's another thing I really should do - stop procrastinating.)


Woo hoo! You are an inspiration :)


I first read W&P in the 1970s when the BBC did, as always, a wonderful 13 part adaptation of it. I was able to read the book along with the series which enabled me to identify everyone - I always have trouble with the Russian names! A very young Anthony Hopkins was Pierre and of course, he was marvellous. I thought the book was superb, whether or not it is the greatest novel ever written is a moot point, but it is certainly on the short list. One thing stayed in my mind was Pierre noticing the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky at the Battle of Borodino and then realising they were the puffs of smoke from the cannons. Genius.

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