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My own Austen addiction continues on the weekend when I am going to see the movie "Becoming Jane" - I haven't read any reviews - I don't know what is being said about it and I'm sure Anne Hathaway is just too pretty to be Jane but I love anything set in those times anyway!

I am waiting for The Book Depository to get some stock of Silent in the Grave!


I've had Stardust in my TBR pile (after reading about Carl V's enthusiasm for this author). Now it looks like I'm going to have to bump it up before the movie comes out. Especially since my boyfriend Mr. DeNiro is in it!

And yes, has been annoying as of late. I now have to do numerous searches just to find a book(s) by a particular author. It also used to be easier to find a slew of books by the author with one click. Reviewer recommendations used to be easier to come by, too. Like if I pulled up an author, the sidebar would hold book lists by reviewers that noted books that were similar to what I was looking for (and I loved perusing through other people's book lists). And I thought it was just me!!


I am tempted to get Showtime for the Tudors, too -- Jonathan Rhys Myers as Henry VIII? Too much!'re right about Amazon, though I can't imagine why it's happening.


That Guardian article seems to confirm my suspicion that novels today are published based on their marketability rather than merit. I find it hard to believe that so many young, first-timers could possibly have anything significant to say. I'm sure there are a few exceptional individuals out there but, if the publishers are to believed, these wonder kids are growing on trees.


P.S. That Australian library story link doesn't seem to be right...

Dorothy W.

I've been reading Lady Susan really slowly because I don't want to finish it too early, but now I've got only ten pages left; I'll probably finish it tonight. I'm looking forward to the discussion!

Sarah (Loose Baggy Monster)

I do think Amazon has been a little weird lately. For instance, I got the illustrated version of Stardust from my local Barnes and Noble, but when I tried to find a link for it in Amazon for my blog, I couldn't find it easily at all! You have a great list of picks for the fantasy challenge...I look forward to seeing what you think about them!


Nutmeg--I will be curious to hear what you think about the Jane Austen movie. I'n not sure it is even playing anywhere here in the US--and it'll take ages to come to where I live!! I have read only a tiny bit about the movie. Silent in the Grave is great fun--sort of a fluffy read, but entertaining nonetheless.
Amelia--Startdust is good so far--definitely not what I am used to reading, but it is nice to branch out sometimes! Have you noticed that now people can leave comments on other people's reviews and at times they get downright nasty!! I had never thought of putting a review there, but I think I will definitely stay away now!
LK--Yes, JRM is rather easy on the eyes!! Maybe I can talk my parents into taping it at least, so I can watch it later....I don't know what is up with Amazon--maybe they are trying to make their site more searchable, but it is giving the results in a way that I don't like. You would think all the new books by an author would come first, and then the backlist stuff--but the results are usually just a mess. I suppose they are also trying to anticipate what you will buy and adding in similar authors so you will buy more? Lately, though, I have been going to B&N instead!
Sylvia--Oops--sorry, I think I fixed that link now. Thanks for letting me know! I do think marketability must have a lot to do with what is published--of course they want to make money, but are they sacrificing really good books over what will simply sell? When an author like Dan Brown hits it big, it must make it easier for authors writing similar stories to sell their stories. I think they must be able to piggy back their books on the success of others. Of course this is just what it looks like from the outside...
Dorothy--I wanted to wait until it was closer to the time we were discussing, but now I better get started! If I can get off the computer earlier tonight...I might actually get to read before I go to bed...
Sarah--I have had a hard time finding books/editions on Amazon that I know exist. It makes me go elsewhere--I wonder if they realize this is annoying their customers?? I am excited about reading some of these books on my list. I will be happy just to read one from each set, and then Shakespeare at the end, but I wouldn't mind throwing in a few others as well!


I so agree on the Amazon annoyingness.

And I can't wait to hear your review of the Angela Carter. I've got to make time to read her one of these days--I've only heard wonderful things about her.


Susan--I don't know why I put off reading her for so long--I must have about four or five of her books, but now I am very in the mood to give her a try. I have heard really good things about her as well.


If you belong to Netflix, you can watch at least the first episode of The Tudors right now. They are showing the first episode on the site for a limited period of time. Here's the link:

Now, this may only be available if you've got their new "Watch Now" feature enabled. If you haven't been invited yet, click on to help you get it.


Susan--My computer is too old/or doesn't have enough memory--I can't even watch previews without the picture stopping and starting again. I am guessing this is a memory issue? I may have to grab some earphones at work and watch it on one of the public machines at work...

Danielle would be nice to see if I really liked it, before doing something drastic like subscribing to Showtime! Of course it has been ages since I have had access to a real movie channel!


Oooh thanks for the link to the STARDUST trailer - looks so much fun! Great cast. I am a diehard Gaiman fan.


Oooh thanks for the link to the STARDUST trailer - looks so much fun! Great cast. I am a diehard Gaiman fan, such a clever man.


I really would not bother with this Robin Hood. It was pretty awful, only worth watching for Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne. Robin was made out to be a hoodie wimp and Maid Marian had the acting ability of a plank. Sorry to sound so harsh but I really don't want you wasting good reading time!


Borrow the Mar 22,2007
The Economist print edition
The future of books to read the interesting article on e-books.

I go to to get book info.

Carl V.

I'm so glad you are starting with Stardust. It warms my heart...really! I just did a Stardust-ish post a few minutes ago and your is the first blog I've visited today, so seeing the Stardust book cover when I popped over here made me giggle delightedly!


I haven't started Lady Susan yet - yikes! I'm very intrigued by the Vanora Bennett book. Looking forward to your review when you finish it.


Equiano--This is my first Gaiman book that I have read--I really like it. I am not sure I would have picked him up had it not been for this challenge. Are all his books this good?
Elaine--Thanks for the heads up. I had not seen any previews of this, just read a blurb about it in a magazine and it sounded interesting. I don't watch much TV, and I have a feeling I won't even get the opportunity to see this (I think it is only on BBC America, which I don't get). Generally I prefer a book to TV shows, though I do like a good movie now and then!
Isabel--We get the Economist at the library, I will have to go find that issue and read the article--thanks! Lately I have been searching on B&N for books, too, though I still tend to link to Amazon here for some reason.
Carl--I am really liking Stardust. Thanks for organizing the challenge. It is good to read outside your comfort zone sometimes. I have a feeling I am going to find lots of good books I might not have picked up otherwise! I can see why this book appeals to so many people!
Iliana--I finally started Lady Susan in earnest tonight. It is different. Lady Susan is kind of a b**** sometimes, but I still sort of like the story. I'm not too far yet, but it has a nice Austen feel to the writing, that's for sure!


I got into Gaiman through his graphic novels BOOKS OF MAGIC and THE SANDMAN series. Brilliant, particularly the latter.

Gaiman has a discussion about the Stardust trailer over on his blog by the way

Sorry about my comment repeating above (seems to be happening a lot lately and I'm not sure why)


I really enjoyed Silent in the Grave and cannot wait for the sequel (and I'm not usually a series-reading kind of gal) can definitely tell this one is setting the stage for future reads.


Joannie--I am not far in the book, but I have really been enjoying it. What a quirky family. I have a feeling I will be reading the next one, too, if the book continues on as good as it has started! Have you read Tasha Alexander's mystery Only to Deceive. It has a similar feel to it. Another unconventional Victorian heroine.


Amazon is surely changing. Beside finding certain books I have found them marked as "in stock" and order them... only to be told they won't ship for TWO MONTHS! I cancelled such an order, waited a week and rechecked the same books.. all STILL said "in stock".. I ordered them again.. it gave a 2 week shipment date.. if that gets changed to longer I'll cancel for good.
I even called them and told them that THEY said a certain book would take 2 months and that it STILL showed IN STOCK.. a woman said that they don't always get caught up in the website.. duh.

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