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Dark Orpheus

I like your list for "Swashbuckling Tales" - actually, I think all of them are on my TBR pile at one time or another.

And of course, Colette. I adore her. and Susan are tempting me to go make my own themed reading lists.

Oh, I am so geek. Cheers.


Oh, dear. Several of these are some of my favorite genres! I have a feeling at least a few of these books are going on my wishlist. Thanks a lot! :-P


Dark Orpheus--I can't pass up list making--it's kind of fun to see what sorts of books emerge from all those piles. I love swashbuckling tales, too!
Lesley--I tend to go back to these genres over and over. If you have any suggestions--I am always on the look out for good books!


I love these themed lists generally, and am particularly interested in the readers and reading section. I'm hoping to make that Colette list of yours a little longer still!


You know the really sad thing about all these wonderful themes? I don't think any of us could manage to stick with one. The angst of all the others that we weren't reading would do us in.


LOL! Susan is right. We'd never manage to stick to just *one* of these tasty lists. :-) But I do like the sound of 'Rollicking Romps through the Napoleonic Wars'...and, of course, Patrick O'Brian fits into this category as well as in the 'Seafaring Adventures'. Double the reason to read him. ;-)


This is so fun. I may have to try coming up with my theme reading stacks too but I don't think I'd stick with the list either :)


Oh, so many books, so little time!

I really like the swashbuckling category myself...en garde!

Dorothy W.

That's quite a Colette collection! And I like the section on books and reading too -- I'm going to check out the Petrosky book as I haven't heard of it before.


Danielle, I love your lists, really.
In the "Victorian" one, I want to suggest to you a novel that I just absolutely KNOW you would love. It is Emma Donoghue's "Life Mask".... honestly, it is so good, I will guarantee that you love it to death, or I myself will refund you the purchase price!


Litlove--I am greatly looking forward to reading more of Colette's works this year as well as reading more about her--such an interesting woman!
Susan--Unfortunately this is one of my biggest problems--constantly being sidetracked! I tend to think about my next read long before I am finished with my current book. Still it is nice to have these lists to draw from when the mood arises.
Victoria--I am a great fan of any sort of rollicking romps! I can't wait to read the O'Brian--excellent combination--Napoleonic Wars, seafaring tale, all with a touch of Jane Austen about it!
Iliana--I am not very good with sticking to lists generally, but I do so love making them!!
LK--What is it about swordplay??
Dorothy--I do have a growing Colette collection. I loved Cheri and want to read more! As for the Petroski--I think he is an engineer? The book is more about shelves and other storage for books!! It looks very interesting--another reader passed it along to me!
Cipriano--Did I ever mention that I found a bargain priced hardcover of just this book before the holidays?! It does look like a good book to sink my teeth into--must move it up to the top of the pile!!

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