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I'm still reading this one with you, Danielle! I'm on chapter 24 and hope to get a good chunk in tonight. I'm sure I'll be reading it for quite a while! I also really want to get Little Dorrit...

Dorothy W.

I would go for something completely different too -- I like to choose my next read by thinking about the thing that would contrast the most with my last read. Enjoy reading multiple bookss again!


Amy--I have a feeling that I will be reading it for a while, too! This is one I don't mind though as it is nice to get little daily installments of the story. I recently splurged and bought Little Dorrit as that story appealed to me, too.
Dorothy--Occasionally I will read something and think I want something similar, but in this instance something really different is working well! It was kind of fun just reading one book, but now I am in the mood for variety again! :)


That's quite a variety you have going on there!

I had to laugh at your comment about the healing arts - so true.

Dark Orpheus

I thought about reading Up the Villa when I first heard that was a movie adaptation with Kirstin Scott Thomas. (It's vulgar to want to read a book because of the movie, right?) But never did.

Never read any Maugham. Wonder if he's any good.

I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do when I come back.


Congrats on Finishing W&P.

Your selections are a good break from the very serious W&P


I've read Of Human Bondage and thought it was fantastic. I will have to add Up at the Villa to my list as it sounds so good. I love what you said about the "vicious cycle" of reading multiple books - I'm there right now :)


So glad you are reading the Maugham! I absolutely adore him - he's just real class. The other books look great too. I've heard so much about Benjamin Black I'm going to have to get hold of it.


I'm glad you're reading Up At The Villa and reveals a bit of the story. I diverted to the more substantial Razor's Edge when I couldn't find a copy of Up. I agree with you about his spare and yet elegant writing, giving reader just enough words to convey the message, somehow making you read between the lines. I've gotta get on it.


Lesley--Variety is good sometimes!! Doesn't it seem like women always have only certain roles in most books--especially the further back in history you go!
Dark Orpheus--I am bad--I often see a movie and then want to read the book!! I do prefer, however, to read the book first and then maybe see the movie! Yes--Maugham is Good!! And you are going to have such fun in Turkey--I hope you take lots of photos!
Isabel--I think I will hold off on any other Russian authors for the moment. I do have some good, totally different reads going at the moment!
Iliana--I'd like to read Of Human Bondage--quite a heftier book compared to Up at the Villa!
Litlove--Maugham has been my best find in terms of authors this year! He isn't one I even had planned on reading. The Benjamin Black book has gotten lots of good press from what I can tell and it is well deserved in my opinion!
Matt--I plan on reading more Maugham and I want to read some of his more substantial books--I thought this would be a good place to start! Actually I saw you reading him and that's what made me go look for his books!

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