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Dorothy W.

I like that poem -- what a description of Shelley's life! I'm glad you are enjoying the collection -- I don't think there's a right way to read poetry, really, so what you're doing sounds good to me!


I have never heard of him, but I will certainly go look for more. I'm glad I saw this post because it reminded me that I was going to pick up Savage Beauty. I just finished reading a collection of poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay and that is said to be an excellent bio on her. Actually I've been wanting to read it for years since she's been a favorite since I was a teenager so since it's National Poetry Month seems like as good a time as any.


Dorothy--I picked this poem as I read a biography of Mary Shelley last year and he summed up pretty well all that I read! In one little poem! It's sort of weird getting used to this as I am not sure what I am supposed to "be getting" from a poem. I know when I read a book that I am going to come away with lots of info (if it is NF) or an entertaining story (fic)--not sure with poetry? A feeling? Mental imagery? I suppose they are all different and you can come away with a variety of different things.
Sam--I had heard of him, but never read anything about him--or knew anything about his biography! I'd like to read Savage Beauty, too. I may not be a big poetry reader--but I am always interested in biographies--especially about women.

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