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Dorothy W.

I'm not entirely sure what to expect from DQ either, although I do know there are some stories within the main story. I don't usually read introductions either, but in this case I might -- I'm not really reading for plot, and so I'm not worried about having it spoiled, and I'd kind of like the background information it will probably give.


Only 940 pages? That should be a piece of cake for a "War and Peace" veteran like you. :-)

Seriously...good luck. I admire your reading choices and wish that I had the courage to try either of those.


Dorothy--I think I will read the intro first--anything to help me understand the story! For as famous as this book is, I really don't know much at all about the actual story--strange as that sounds. I guess I will soon find out!
Sam--I just hope I don't do what I did with W&P--start it now and finish it next March! :) I don't think I would ever have read either of these books on my own--reading along with others is the push I need to do it. You don't want to read along with us?? Think of it as three average size novels--300 pages-ish each. It seems more approachable when I think of it that way!


I'm reluctant to admit how many years I've had Don Quixote sitting on my bookshelf! No matter that, like many others just sitting there, I was practically on fire to possess it! Good luck with that. Speaking of Persephone books, I just ordered my first, but I'm not sure I'll ever see it because I put down the wrong zip code. Even after rechecking the order before sending it in I still didn't catch it! That's what happens when you live and work in different towns (right next to each other with very similar zip codes) and I couldn't e-mail back to let them know I goofed.


Oh I barely know anything about the plot or anything either. I've picked up bits here and there but nothing substantial. I read the Translator's note but I think I'm going to pass on reading the intro this time around. I want to dive in, fresh and expectant.

I don't really have a plan beyond that. I'll take it as it goes.

Dark Orpheus

Oh my. You're serious.

I thought of signing up for Don Quixote too - but I really need to finish Proust this year, so I chickened out.

I promise myself I'll start on Kristin Lavransdatter after Proust. Wish me luck.

And good luck on Don Quixote. I'll be reading about everyone's progress on the blog.


Long books both attract and repell me - I love being immersed in a long story, following a character through many happenings etc but my TBR shelf screams out to me if I take too long ;-) My long book challenge for this year is the Count of Monte Cristo - 1243 pages!

Good luck on the Don!

And you've convinced me to purchase Gentlemen and Players - I have been umming and ahhing over it for too long now!


I'm excited about DQ but a bit scared too :) Hope the other Persephone book box of arrives soon!

Carl V.

The mystery of whether or not a package will show up is never a fun one. And on the odd times when one doesn't I always feel guilty contacting the company...I feel like they are sitting there thinking, 'Sure it didn't arrive, right, uh huh.'


I am seriously impressed by the reading choices you're making this year - mainly because they're all books I think about reading, but when it comes to picking up those monster tomes I always chicken out! And I don't think your unwillingness to read introductions before the rest of the novel is strange, I never read the introduction first. Like you say, it ruins the plot.


You'll love DQ, you'll hate DQ. It will make you cry and laugh and think. There are battle scenes and sword play, giants, thieves, and romance galore.


Sam--I hope the Persephone shows up! You never know--sometimes the post office is really good about getting packages to the right place! I have an innumerable books on my bookshelves that I bought with great excitement...and they are still sitting there!
Imani--I did a little reading about the story today, so I have an idea, but am not sure of details. I'll read the translator's note this weekend and go from there.
Dark Orpheus--If I don't read DQ in a group, I'm not sure I would read it on my own. I'd love to read Proust--maybe that will be a project for next year! I admire everyone who has been reading it lately. If you happen to start KL in the fall--let me know and maybe we can read together!
Nutmeg--You are in for a treat with The Count of Monte Cristo. I read it a couple of years ago and loved it! He does go off on a few tangents, but it was all great fun!! Definitely take another look at Gentlemen and Players!
Iliana--Still no sign! :) As the other three packages came a day apart (they send them all in their own separate mailers), I epxected the other to come a day later. Maybe tomorrow! I'm a little scared about DQ, too, but I think I just need to dive in!
Carl--I was thinking just that thing today! I wonder if they would replace the book if it doesn't show up. I'm sure you have to wait a while as the mail can be so slow, though, as it might turn up.
Max--I feel like mostly I am not reading anything terribly important--that probably sounds terrible. I have enjoyed the majority of books I have read even if they are not award winners. I guess really it doesn't matter. Last year, though, I read so many classics. This year I have not read many at all. Sometimes I worry about the strangest things too much, I think!
Stefanie--So a little bit of everything for all reading tastes. I'm just worried about the "you'll hate DQ" part of the equation--but I think I know what you mean!

You may want to read this article that I found on Dr. George Grant's blog:



I don't like to read introductions first, either. They give too much away! So often there is way too much plot summary or discussion of things that I don't want to know about ahead of time. I'd like to find out as the story unfolds. But I love to read the intro at the end as a good wrap-up.

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