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I wonder about the violence too. It is presented so comically that it's easy not to be outraged by the injustice of it.


Sylvia--It sort of reminds me of Punch and Judy or even cartoons--its awful, but you are still sort of amused. But I do feel sort of bad for him sometimes--both he and Sancho have gotten pummeled!

Dorothy W.

I really like your idea of writing down your questions -- you should totally do it! I suspect,though, that your questions will turn out to be ones that critics have been trying to answer for centuries. At least, I'm sure that the case with the questions about madness and violence.


Heh. I think you're right, Dorothy. When I was reading the Bible and came across something mysterious I'd go to my big fat commentary and almost always find "Scholars have been debating this verse for centuries and there is no consensus..." Big help!


Dorothy--I suspect you are right when it comes to questions. Just reading posts on the Tilting blog has brought about some of my questions. Well, I guess there won't be wrong answers then, necessarily!
Sylvia--I always wonder if authors set about when writing to leave these sorts of questions hanging--did they really intend them or does it come from the outside--from people analyzing the text. If only Cervantes was here...would he explain it all to us? Would he say you're reading too much into all this? Curious.

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