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I have a bio of KM that someone gave me; must dig it out of the forgotten pile.

Her journals sound intriguing.

Have you ever read the Journals of Sylvia Plath? She is another diarist who clearly was a "writer." Beautiful stuff in it, that oddly didn't turn up in her poetry until very late and very little at all in her prose.


LK--Oh those forgotten piles...maybe out of sight, but not out of mind, right. I do have a book of Sylvia Plath's journals. I have only read The Bell Jar--and that was a long time ago. She is definitely an author/poet I need to revisit! I am finding that I like reading diaries/journals very much!


Yes, the morsel of apricot is lovely, as it the rest of her writing. I loved reading this post. Katherine Mansfield was a brilliant writer, and had such an impact on me when I read her. Haven't read the biography, but I've read her journals and many of her stories. You will enjoy your journey getting to know her.

Amy Palko

I just love short stories, and I think that Mansfield's are some of the best. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


I plan to read the Claire Tomalin over the Summer - maybe we should try to do it around the same time?

I actually didn't like Prelude as much as everything else KM wrote - The Garden Party is a brilliant collection, and the title story is one of my favourite short stories anywhere. Bliss and Miss Brill are two other brilliant ones. Oo, very tempted to go for a re-read...


A lovely post- it makes me want to finally get around to reading some Mansfield.


Robin--I am looking forward to reading more of her writing. I wonder if more of her journals have been published? I did order the first volume of her letters (used--new copies seem very expensive for some reason).
Amy--I have not been a very good short story reader up until now (here and there only), so I am hoping this will finally be what draws me into them.
Simon--Yes, let me know when you plan on reading the Tomalin. I want to finish the bio of Daphne Du Maurier first and read some of KM's short stories first as well. I have not read any of her stories, so I am looking forward to them. Prelude just happens to be at the beginning at it is mentioned in her journal that I am reading now--sort of by default that is where I will start.
Jess--Reading her journal gave me the impetus. Now on to her stories!

Carl V.

Sounds like a delicious book!


Carl--It is a little bit sad, but some of her descriptions really are lovely!


Lovely post and lovely writings on your blog, which I admire. Coincidentally, I'm reading Katherine Mansfield's Prelude and a few other stories just now and also just wrote about her at my blog!
Happy reading weekend.


You've got a real treat ahead of you in the Mansfield biography by Claire Tomalin.


Ted--Thanks for the nice words. I have yet to start her short stories, but I plan on reading Prelude first since she mentioned it in her journal. I will go and read your post!
Bybee--I am looking forward to starting the Tomalin bio. I am reading the intro now to it. I think I will read a short story first and try and finish her Journal before starting the actual biography though. I am glad to hear it is good!

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