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Dorothy W.

I remember a number of references to Mansfield in Woolf's diary -- I've read the first volume. I like reading writers on the edges of literary movements like modernism -- they are so often neglected in the light of the "big" writers (Woolf), but are also so often very good. Thanks for the long quotations -- they were quite interesting.


Yes, there's quite a bit about Katherine Mansfield in VW's diaries. (That's how I first heard about K.M.) She saw her as a real rival, but was depressed by her death. I remember she talked about the dreams she had of her after her death, even years later. It hit her quite hard, actually.


I think I'm moving Katherine Mansfield up on my list of authors to pursue.


Dorothy--I thought it was interesting, though I can't remember where I read it, that Woolf said something like Mansfield was the one author she was in awe of (not the exact words). I will have to dig out my VW Diary. I had planned on starting it ages ago, but I never got around to it.
Robin--They seemed to be pretty snarky about each other from what I have read--criticizing each other's work, but in the end there must have been quite a lot of respect as well. I'd like to read more!
Jill--The more I read, the more I want to read. Now there are several authors that I am really interested in at the moment.


Hi, Danielle!

I think Katherine Mansfield is a fascinating person, creative but a real risk-taker. I have her biography here, it's called "Thieves" by Janice Kulyk Keefer. If I am not mistaken it is based on her journals, not sure if you have come across this book or not.


Mansfield is somebody I've not read much of, but keeping hearing about.I read Bliss during a short story class and that has been it so far. Also, wasn't Mansfield somehow related to Elizabeth Von Arnim?


Lotus--Thanks, I had not heard of that biography, I will look it up. She was really fascinating--I think that is partially why I am so drawn to her. I had heard of her, but really wasn't all that keen on reading her work or bio until I started reading her Journal! I'm interested in thw Keefer bio as it is based on her Journals.
Sam--Maybe I will start on her short stories tonight. And yes, she and Von Arnim were cousins!

Kate S.

I'm a huge fan of Mansfield's short stories as well. There's a very interesting book about the relationship between Mansfield and Virginia Woolf titled "Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf: A Public of Two" by Angela Smith. "Thieves" by Janice Kulyk Keefer is actually a novel based on Mansfield's life rather than a biography but I'll bet it's worth checking out. (I took a writing workshop from Janice Kulyk Keefer several years ago and I find her fiction very rich and evocative.) For a conventional biography, I highly recommend Claire Tomalin's "Katherine Mansfield."

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