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I'll be getting to this one soon. I can hardly wait!


Stefanie--Your timing for reading it will be really good since you are finishing up Homer now! I look forward to hearing what you think of it, too!


I read Alexander McCall Smith's entry in this series, which is called Dream Angus and is about the Celtic God of Dreams. It was pretty good.

Carl V.

Great review! (I skipped over the spoiler part). This is a book that ended up on my list because of the challenge and I think it sounds fascinating. I haven't read any Atwood, and this type of book would make a good first start for me.

By the way, for you and your readers, I have a contest announcement at the end of today's post in which an Advanced Reading Copy of a book is up for grabs.

Dorothy W.

I've got Karen Armstrong's book on myth, which I'd like to read at some point soon (relatively) -- I think it's part of the series? The first book maybe? Anyway, the Atwood sounds very interesting.


I have the Penelopiad ready to read as soon as I finish the Odyssey. I'll let you know when I review it.


I skipped over the spoiler part too :) I've had this book on my shelf pretty much since it came out. Gah, I hate it when I can't get to the books fast enough.


I read this one for the challenge as well, and I too was very impressed with the opening paragraph.

The Canongate Myths series is so wonderful, isn't it? I also read Lion's Honey for the challenge, and I liked it a lot. I'm thinking of squeezing Dream Angus in if time allows!

I now worry that my review might have spoiled it for some people :( But then again, Atwood herself mentions what happens in the introduction, and I think most readers tend to read that first.


I'm looking forward to reading this too - in fact your review has made me even more impatient to start, Danielle! I want to see what made you feel uncertain about it (and I have some inkling already as Atwood can write very good ambivalent characters who both intrigue and repel the reader).


Marg--I want to check out more of these books. I will look for the McCall Smith one.
Carl--This is a quick, short read. It is sort of different than Atwood's other books, though really she doesn't really write a certain "type" of story. Sorry I missed the contest, but I did enjoy reading your Q&As!
Dorothy--Yes, I think it is the first book. I want to look for it. I read a few quotes and it looks like an interesting read. This is an area I really don't know a lot about, and it is starting to intrigue me as it has such ramifications not just in literature but really in life.
Petunia--Please do! I had planned on reading Homer this year, but I am not sure I am going to fit him in. He is someone I want to read slowly, and I am working on Cervantes (and really slowly!). Eventually.
Iliana--I understand that!! If I could just stop accumulating and ignore new books for a while...
Nymeth--I think I already knew what happened in the story before I read it, but that didn't lessen the read for me at all. I loved that opening line. She had a few other great comebacks (or asides by Penelope)that I loved as well.
Litlove--I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm not sure what it was that made me ambivalent--that sounds weird, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is about the story or Penelope. To be honest I think the story has sort of clouded my thinking now over Odysseus, too (maybe he isn't such a wonderful hero!!), which will be interesting when I finally do read Homer!!


This book is on my list for some challenge... I think the summer reading one. It's been in my TBR pile for so long.


I enjoyed reading The Penelopiad and loved the idea of hearing Penelope's version of events. I thought it a rather witty, matter-of-fact, and at times biting, account from a character who is the literary picture of quiet and seemingly saintly domesticity.

I do know what you mean about not warming to Peneleope, though. It's not the sort of book you dip into again and again because you identify with the characters or are caught up in the story. But it's such a quick, easy and entertaining read that I didn't mind!

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