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I do creative writing/decorating as well but for some reason I like to play with the numerals.

It's interesting to see how a book lover/reader's mind work to plan the reading. Sometimes in between books I'd squeeze in a couple light reads, just or a breath of air and change of mood.

Recently I finished all the Christie mysteries within a couple days. Now I'm back on the literary fiction.

Dorothy W.

I do hope you enjoy the Brookner novel! She's someone I will return to regularly, I think; I'm glad she's published a lot of novels ...


Matt--I noticed that you just finished a slew of Christie books. I have several of hers that I want to read as well. It is nice to read something completely different than the norm sometimes--I binge on certain types of books too much I think sometimes!
Dorothy--Your review made me want to pick up a Brookner novel, so it was sort of serendipitous that I happened down the aisle with her books today! She sort of reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Taylor I think. And she does publish a lot--sometimes a novel a year I think!

Carl V.

Two days? You can do it!!!


I always find it inspiring to read about all the books on your list. You're right - it usually works itself out in the end.

Maryanne Moll

Hi. I am one of your silent blog readers. I like your blog so much that I have nominated you for The Thinking Blogger Award.

Thank you for this blog.

Carl V.

Love all the letter images. Don't forget to get over to my site today and get yourself in on a chance for today's free book giveaway!!! I'm sure you and your readers need more books! ;)


You can do it!!


I've been on a binge of Christie books for the mystery summer reading challenge. I also have some Josephine Tey ones.


Carl--Well, I'm trying anyway...
Heather--At least I am enjoying the books--even if I am in over my head.
Maryanne--Thanks so much for the very kind compliment!!
Iliana--You wouldn't think such a short book would be as slow going as it has been.
Matt--I read Brat Farrer by Tey a few years ago--I have always meant to get back to her, that's always the way it goes, though...


What a wonderful assortment of letters! I've often meant to properly get to grips with flickr, but have not quite managed. It sort of overwhelms me...

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