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Dorothy W.

Oh, how annoying! I hate it when I don't have internet access! But hopefully you will get it back soon ...


Oh Danielle, poor you! The week before last both our main computers went down and it took all week for them to be fixed (in the meantime everyone fought over my laptop!). I DO feel for you!


Luckily that kind of thing doesn't happen to me too often, but when it does it drives me absolutely nuts.

I've become so dependent on the internet for news items, hobby things, blogging, entertainment, and exchanging thoughts with friends in a real-time basis that when it's not available to me I don't know where to turn. It's scary, really, to feel that way but after more than a decade of living with the internet, I don't know how to function without it anymore.


Ah Qwest, how I know well and completely dislike them. Hope they get theri act together soon and you get you service back!


Well, I am back in business! :)
Dorothy--It is annoying though I tried to tell myself to just be patient, I could certainly live without the internet for 24 hours...
Litlove--Isn't it terrible how much we rely on these things. I am lucky, I am pretty much the only one who spends any time on the computer, though occasionally my niece asks for a little computer time as well. She's only 8--I fear it is going to get worse as she gets older.
SamH--It is rare that the whole thing goes down. I have had a lot of problem with my internet broadband box going out (almost daily actually), and that is highly annoying, but I know I can just reset the box and it will come back up. I use my computer for so much as well. If it suddenly disappeared, I'm not sure what I would do. It's like we've always had them now, and it is hard to imagine life without them! Probably not good, but that's the way of the world now.
Stefanie--I take it you have experience with Qwest, so you know?? If I was just setting up my computer, I would probably go with another provider, but now it feels like too much hassle to start over. By the way, last night I kept seeing Qwest internet commercials on TV and thinking maybe now is not the time to advertise how wonderful they are and a great alternative to other places.


Happy to hear you are back in service!


Ah, Danielle.
I have been there. And by "there" I mean exactly as you are saying it.... at the Library, when my own Internet service was having a crisis moment!
It is tremendously uncomfortable and unnerving.
Are you back to normal now?


Tara--Yes, yay!
Cipriano--I never thought I would be so dependent on my computer! Things seem to be back to normal--hopefully they'll stay that way.

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