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Dorothy W.

Congrats! That is an accomplishment. I'll be there next week, probably, writing a similar post. I'm enjoying the book, but I still would like to move on to other things! 100 pages left. I think you're right about the ripple effect -- DQ was so influential.


Dorothy--Even though I was just reading this for myself and could set it aside any time, it became a regular habit. It will be nice to work on some other books now--I'm hoping to get the books I have started down to a more manageable size. Hoping anyway.


Congratulations! Even though I am hopelessly behind I look forward to all sorts of discussion of the book as a whole.


Woo hoo! Congratulations!


Sylvia--You have been reading much more carefully than me! It's no wonder I am done when I haven't taken a single note and only a few little sticky tabs went into the book to mark passages. I am definitely looking forward to reading discussion as well. I always get so much more out of a book that way.
Stefanie--That's pretty much how I feel--woo hoo is right. Two big novels under my belt this year (of course one I started last year, but oh well). So many more to read, however...


*wild applause* I'm rather jealous that you've managed the feat and have enjoyed it as well. You should treat yourself to ice cream or something. I am looking forward to everyone else finishing the book and posting on the group blog.


Hurray! Congratulations Danielle! :-) You've been so much quicker about it than I have. (Still haven't started Book II!)

Isn't it strange though, how we look upon DQ as a milestone in our reading lives? Something to celebrate finishing? Because really it isn't that long - I've read much longer novels in much shorter time. But it just feels monumental, like you have to ascend the mountain of DQ and getting to the summit is an achievement worth shouting about. Which it is. :-)

Carl V

Congrats to you! Don Quixote is one of those books that I feel I should have read, but the reality of actually getting to it is a whole other thing! I am glad that you are able to revel in the triumph of finishing it and that you actually enjoyed the book as well. That is a double victory!


Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment. And you've almost given me the incentive to tackle some of the huge books on my TBR. Vanity Fair comes immediately to mind. :)


Well done!


Woo-hoo! Congratulations Danielle. I'm still very behind but have not given up on it.


"Three months and 11 days. That's all it took. Actually the last 20 pages or so really should be reread."

That's a reading journey. I always have the conflicting feelings when I approach the end: to quicken to the ending but want to slow down so I don't miss anything.

DQ is an accomplishment in human history of writing and so is your finishing it.

I don't think, however, I'll get to it this year after three chunsters. It's sitting on the shelf waiting for its due term. :)


Congratulations Danielle on your accomplishment, that is no small feat!


Imani--I am also looking forwardf to hearing everyone else's thoughts on the book! Ice cream--that sounds like a good idea! :)
Victoria--I have read longer books, too. I was just thinking the same thing--but for some reason it is not a book I could rip right through. I am glad I stuck with it, though. It feels good to have read something much discussed! I'm looking forward to reading your celebratory "I've finished DQ" post as well!
Carl--It's really very accessible when/if you do get to it. There seem to be so many "must reads" out there (both new and classics), it's hard to choose which ones to read when!
Andi--I've never read Vanity Fair either. But it's on my list!
Ted--Thank you. It was well worth the time and effort! And I've mended the covers, so it will be ready for that reread someday...
Iliana--The nice thing is that it is episodic so you can pick it up and continue on fairly easily.
Matt--I think I could only read a few big books (classics anyway) like that a year. They are time consuming! I still have it sitting by my bed and plan on reading some essays as well, so I may have to pick it up and reread those last few pages again.
Tara--Thanks. It's probably silly to be so happy about finishing a book, but this one was a bit of a time investment.


Great job!


Congratulations. Finishing up the book in good spirits must feel like a huge accomplishment for sure. I'm going through a similar trek with Little Dora by Dickens and after reading about three chapters a week for a couple of months I'm still not quite half way through the book.

Do you wonder if it would have gone quicker and that you would have had even better understanding of the book if you had read it straight through before picking up another? Or would you have even finished it?

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